Life Is an Open Bo-o-o-o-k

Simple AnswersThat title is to be sung, by the way. Tune of “Love Is an Open Door” from Frozen.

Anyway, this is your chance to ask me questions. Any question on any subject. And I’ll spend the next few days answering those questions openly and honestly and to the best of my ability. I’ll begin responding to your queries on Tuesday afternoon. I’ve done this before on my old blog, but this is a brave new world and you are part of a brave new audience. So, leave your questions in the comments section and I’ll get to them in the order in which they are received.

Seriously, ask away!

3 thoughts on “Life Is an Open Bo-o-o-o-k

  1. What do you think about Bruce Jenner’s confession about him being a transgendered person? And what are your top 5 favorite movies of all time?


    • What is your favorite memory with your dad? If you could write an instruction book for life, what would the highlights of the 3 most important chapters be? What are your areas of spiritual gifting and do you feel you are making good use of them? Who do you identify with the most from the bible and why? If you had to lose one of your senses, which one of these would you be most willing to give up, and why; sight, hearing, taste, or touch? Would you rather have a pet rhinoceros or a pet bongo? (Confession- I forgot how to spell rhinoceros and had to look it up.)


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