What Would You Do With Immortality?

Age of AdalineI kind of crashed a girls’ night last night. As things went, it was never actually stated that what was happening was intended to be a girls’ night. In fact, it just began with a Facebook post with an open invitation for people to get together at the theater to see The Age of Adaline. As a joke, I commented that if she’d said Age of Ultron, I would be there. But then I thought about it a little. I like movies. I haven’t been socializing too much of late. Why not tag along? From the trailer for the movie, I knew it would be about a woman who had somehow stopped aging years ago and was perpetually 29. And Harrison Ford was in it, too. Can’t be that bad.

Despite the fact that a couple other guys made comments on the Facebook post, I was the only one there hanging out with four women. They tried to warn me that we were seeing a “chick flick”. I was well aware of what I had gotten myself into. I like a good chick flick now and then. When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle… Nothing wrong with those movies. And who was I to complain about being the only dude hanging out with a quartet of ladies?

Leaving the movie, however, I felt the need to complain. See, I didn’t like it all that much. I mean, it was okay. Might have even been worth seeing. But I had complaints. Though I may have exaggerated about how many things bothered me.

  1. I didn’t like the pacing of the movie. It moved at a sloth’s pace. It’s like they stretched an hour long story into two hours.
  2. I thought the whole thing was predictable. If I’d been watching it alone, I’d have probably been thinking out loud the entire time, then complimenting myself saying “called it” several times. As it was, I thought the remark in my head about 10 times throughout the movie.
  3. I didn’t much like the leading man. Not the actor. The character. It just seemed really unrealistic that this kind of guy would exist. I mean, independently wealthy, good looking, and his dad is Indiana Jones? (Yes, I realize how ridiculous it sounds for me to complain about the likelihood of someone like that existing in a fictional world when I’m the guy who prefers movies about people who can fly and lift tanks with their bare hands.)
  4. I really didn’t like the main character. It’s not that she was unlikable. It’s just (and I hope this isn’t too spoilery) that it seemed like she wasted her life. She didn’t grow older. Yet, when we see her in 2015, while she looks like a beautiful 29-year-old woman, she still acted and dressed like a woman in her 90s. And I think that added to the pacing problem I had.

But this led me to question what I would do with my life if I knew I would never grow old. Obviously, I’d still need to have a job (unless I got lucky with some investments along the way). Even though I would never reach a retirement age, I would still have all the time in the world. Some of the things she did with her time were spot on with how I’d do things. She learned several languages. She read. A lot. I think that’s about what I would want to do with all my extra time.

At the same time, I wouldn’t want to live like I really was 100 years old. If I’m 100, but look like I’m still in my 30s, I’m gonna act like I’m in my 30s. And if I’m already doing all that studying, I’m gonna keep up with what the cool kids are doing. I’m not going to keep wearing the clothes that were fashionable in the late 50s. Not that I’m fashionable by any stretch of the imagination. I’m pretty sure my own fashion sense hasn’t evolved since the 90s.

What would you do with immortality?

On a slightly spoilerish note (stop reading if you want to see the entire movie at some point), I was disappointed by a scene near the end. When Adaline’s 80-something-year-old daughter meets Adaline’s 30-something-year-old boyfriend, I really wanted to hear Ellen Burstyn say, “Are you gonna be my new daddy?” I know it wouldn’t have fit the overall tone of the movie, but it’d have been hilarious. I’m laughing now just thinking about it.


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