The Press Junket

As one of those guys who really likes to watch movies, I have a certain fascination with finding out what the creators of my favorite movies think about the movie they had a hand in making. Doesn't matter if it's an actor or someone whose work was all done behind the camera. This leads to … Continue reading The Press Junket

For What Job Am I Best Suited?

I almost titled this post "What Job Am I Best Suited For?" But then I didn't want someone to look at that and see the preposition at the end of the title and assume it was written by a complete moron. Don't get me wrong, I leave prepositions hanging at the ends of sentences all … Continue reading For What Job Am I Best Suited?

The Interview Process

In recent months, I've been on the lookout for a new job. I still like the job I currently have. It's just that, lately, I've started to hate the job I currently have. I only sort of mean that. In my job, I work closely with kids in an elementary school. This part I love. … Continue reading The Interview Process


Not too long ago, I posted here that I would like to run for president, now that I'm legally old enough to do so. What will make me stand out in the crowd of, literally, dozens of potential candidates? All of my speeches will incorporate lines from the great movie presidents throughout the history of … Continue reading Interview

Interview Questions from Zac

Just kidding, folks. Got one more entry from the Interview post. This post's questions come from Zac, a fellow Bluefield survivor. He asks... Yes you post a lot of stories on here from your life and share a lot of things your interested, but why don't you share the things that are on your heart … Continue reading Interview Questions from Zac