The Interview Process

In recent months, I’ve been on the lookout for a new job. I still like the job I currently have. It’s just that, lately, I’ve started to hate the job I currently have. I only sort of mean that. In my job, I work closely with kids in an elementary school. This part I love. What I don’t love is the constant shuffling of caseloads and continuous change in paperwork requirements. The only consistent thing I can say about the powers that be is that they are always adjusting their expectations. More often than not, these changes are not for the better and only serve to make it more difficult to do my job.Interview Process - GoodI have a job interview coming up soon. And it is the most confusing job seeking process that I’ve ever experienced. Wait, it will all not make sense to you in a few short paragraphs, so bear with me.

The story of this job interview starts at the beginning of this past November. At the time, I was fairly vocal about my displeasure with the powers that be after I had been unceremoniously transferred from one school to another. In an off-handed kind of way, I asked a friend (who works for a local Department of Social Services) if she knew of any open positions. She told me about something in the area of foster care that should be available in December. A few weeks later, she let me know that the job had been posted.Interview Process - ResumeSo I did my part. I took a look at the job description and felt confident that it was a job I could perform adequately. The fact that it paid more than I could expect to make while slapping together Big Macs did not hurt. Coupling that with the fact that this job would not require an hour long commute each morning and afternoon, it seems it would have been foolish not to apply. Thus, I applied. And I got a call to schedule an interview. And I interviewed in early December.

I really couldn’t tell how the interview went. I assumed it didn’t go well since, in the past when I’ve had interviews that have gone well, I’ve always had a good feeling about them. This time, I did not have that good feeling. I walked away from the interview tribunal wondering if I’d answered their questions with the things they wanted to hear.Interview Process - DocumentWeeks passed. Christmas and the New Year came and went and I heard nothing from this potential job. I tried not to think about how badly my interview may have gone. I just chalked it up to timing. I mean, we had just survived the holiday season. Maybe things were busy down at DSS and they didn’t have a chance to really finalize any decisions regarding who they would hire.

A month, to the day, after my interview, I reached out to the interviewer. I left a voice message expressing my continued interest in the position. But I never got a call back. A few days later, I decided to email the same interviewer. At the same time, while I was looking up her email address on the website, I noticed that the position that I had applied for was once again being advertised. Well, I guess that was my answer.Interview Process - Hot DogI also got a response to my email letting me know that they had decided to re-advertise the position. There was no thank you for your interest. There was no sorry it didn’t work out. Very cut and dry.

But, guess what. I reapplied for the newly re-advertised position. If nothing else, they would know I wanted the job. Of course, I didn’t expect to hear anything. Not a second time.Interview Process - Self StarterThen I got a phone call to schedule an interview. Wait. What? The same lady who scheduled my first interview was calling me again to schedule another first interview. I reminded her of who I was and she offered to put me on hold to make sure the interview tribunal had not made a mistake. When she got back on the line, she let me know that they did, in fact, remember who I was and that there was no mistake.

So this flies in the face of everything I’ve ever believed. It looks like I will get a second chance to make a first impression. But I’m really confused about the whole thing. If I wasn’t good enough to hire the first time around, why would they want me for another interview? Did they go through their options and decide no one was good enough, so this time around they’ve lowered their standards? I guess I’ll find out next week when I go in for my second first interview.Interview Process - Consideration

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