4 Celebrities I’d Like to Have As Friends

I don't necessarily keep up with everything that's happening in the world of celebrities. Most of the time, I just don't care. I don't have the E! Network. I don't watch Entertainment Tonight. I don't subscribe to Entertainment Weekly. I couldn't care less that Beyonce is expecting twins, nor do I care what Kim Kardashian … Continue reading 4 Celebrities I’d Like to Have As Friends



The world around him seemed to slow to a crawl as Parker Davis made his way through the crowd. This is my moment, he thought. He was there. She was there. Everything was falling into place. He knew it wouldn't take more than 30 seconds to cross the room. At that point, he would find … Continue reading Moment

So Many Questions, Part III

Welcome to the third of a five part series of questions. If you missed the first two parts, 1-20 are here and 21-40 are here. Enjoy! 41. Write the first sentence of your obituary. Aaron Lee Peck, bestselling author and inventor of the thing that changed the face of western civilization, died at the age … Continue reading So Many Questions, Part III

7 Types of Friends and How to Identify Them

Once upon a time, I had writer's block. Well, blog writer's block, anyway. So, as is sometimes the case, I put the call out on social media for topical ideas. I got one response from a Facebook friend asking, "What constitutes a true Christian friend?" I'll be honest, that's deep. It's deeper than I had … Continue reading 7 Types of Friends and How to Identify Them

Changing Seasons

Several years ago, I was told that friends come into our lives for certain seasons. Her meaning behind this? Friends come and go. We cross paths with certain people for certain periods of time and for certain reasons. It's not as if it's a planned thing. I didn't meet someone in 2002 and decide we'd … Continue reading Changing Seasons

Another Parenthood Post

I recently wrote about how I had been binge watching the Parenthood TV series via Netflix. As I have navigated my way through the latter seasons, something occurred to me which caused me to connect a character in the show to my personal life. Actually, not so much my personal life as the personal life … Continue reading Another Parenthood Post

Question of the Week #39

Do your close friends tend to be older or younger than you? All right, I've done the math. Looking at my Christmas list, excluding blood relations, the median age of my closest friends is 29.4 years of age. Which is approximately 6 years younger than me. So I'm gonna say that the correct answer to … Continue reading Question of the Week #39


In September of 2010, I spent a weekend at Smith Mountain Lake, here in Virginia. It was a weekend spent playing games, sitting on the dock, and going out on the boat while catching up with some of the best friends I've ever known. After those few days, my abs were in pretty good shape … Continue reading Grounded


Originally written in April of 2010... I wonder if she's going to call... He kept thinking those same words over and over again. He didn't like to admit that he was obsessing, but that's exactly what Tim was doing. Tim had gone out with Cindy just once and he hadn't seen her or heard from … Continue reading Wonder