Concerning Vehicular Behavior

I've been driving on a pretty regular basis for roughly 26 years now. In all that time, I have seen my share of road rage incidents. Heck, I've been a part of my share of road rage incidents. Wait... By reading that last sentence, you may be assuming that I'm the sort of road-rager that … Continue reading Concerning Vehicular Behavior


Might Be Time For a New Prescription

I know... I just posted yesterday about how I'm turning 40 next month. And now I'm writing a post about my failing vision. I promise, I don't always feel this old. About a week ago, I was driving behind a Jeep that was adorned in several pieces of Virginia Tech memorabilia. One of the decals … Continue reading Might Be Time For a New Prescription

It Started with a Skunk

All right... if I'm being 100% honest, it didn't start with a skunk. The skunk comes in closer to the middle. Maybe the end. I'm not sure how detailed I'm gonna get with this. Anyway, sorry about the click bait. This story actually begins with the beginning of fall. No, not that weird day in … Continue reading It Started with a Skunk

I Need to Get Some Things Off My Chest

I'm breaking my blogging hiatus even though I'm not entirely sure I'm ready to break my blogging hiatus. But there are some things that have been happening in the world that have gotten under my skin and I would like to address those things, briefly. This will not be an award winning blog post that … Continue reading I Need to Get Some Things Off My Chest

Hard Hat Convention

Driving home around lunchtime yesterday, I came across a sign letting me know that someone was doing some utility work up the road. It wasn't long before I saw where the work was taking place. Except, at first, I didn't see anyone doing any work. I just saw roughly 15 people in hard hats leaning … Continue reading Hard Hat Convention


I like looking at license plates. Not so much the standard issue plates, but the vanity plates are awesome. I really like trying to figure out what they mean. Some, I find, are really easy. They basically spell out a person's name or inform you that the driver has eight grandchildren. Some aren't so easy. … Continue reading Plates

Question of the Week #99

You are driving late at night in a safe but deserted neighborhood when a dog suddenly darts in front of your car. Though you slam on the brakes, you hit the animal. Would you stop to see how injured the animal was? If you did so and found that the dog was dead but had … Continue reading Question of the Week #99

Flying to Florida

This morning, I began a journey. It began in my home of Blacksburg, Virginia. It ended in Orlando, Florida. A lot has happened today. As I write these words, it's late at night and I have, at this point, been awake for about 20 hours. I've had longer stretches without sleep. But sleep is calling … Continue reading Flying to Florida

In the Still of the Night…

I can't sleep. I don't have nights like this very often these days. Once upon a time, I dealt with insomnia like it was my job. And I blamed it on my job. That's because, once upon a time, I worked as a night-time residential counselor at a group home. Part of the job involved … Continue reading In the Still of the Night…

My New Pet Peeve

Kids, I've recently discovered that I have a new biggest pet peeve. For years, my biggest pet peeve was people who refuse to use a turn signal. Didn't matter if it was because they were changing lanes or turning onto a different street. The signal is there for a reason. It's not just a courtesy … Continue reading My New Pet Peeve