Might Be Time For a New Prescription

I know… I just posted yesterday about how I’m turning 40 next month. And now I’m writing a post about my failing vision. I promise, I don’t always feel this old.

About a week ago, I was driving behind a Jeep that was adorned in several pieces of Virginia Tech memorabilia. One of the decals found on the back of the vehicle was the following image…Hokiebass

Pretty straightforward, right? Clearly, this is an image of a bass going after the bait and shows support for the bass fishing team at Virginia Tech. Clearly.

Unless you’re me and you’re driving at some distance behind the Jeep sporting that decal. Because then you might, for some reason, think, Huh… That’s an oddly shaped map of North America. I mean… they have the Yucatan Peninsula pretty spot on, but Florida looks like a nub and it’s where Louisiana should be. And what the heck happened to Canada?!

It wasn’t until we got stopped at an intersection that I was able to get close enough and still enough to understand that I was not looking at a silhouetted land mass. I was looking at a silhouetted fish. Well, that explains the smaller fish up near where Greenland should be.

I promise… I have glasses. I wear them whenever I drive. I have to. Because I’ve reached the point where my driver’s license stipulates that I need corrective lenses. So I’m pretty sure if I were to be pulled over without wearing my spectacles, I’d get a ticket for it. On top of whatever I was being pulled over for!

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

I do think I’m due for an update to the prescription lenses. But there’s a catch. The insurance that will soon kick in with my new job does not include a plan for vision care. That’s all right though. Because the last pair of glasses I got, two years ago, came from America’s Best, where they were, at the time, running a deal where if you buy one pair of glasses, you get the second pair for free. And they threw in a free eye exam.

I don’t know if they’re still running that sort of deal, but I’m sure that someone, somewhere has a deal that is similar and will, therefore, make it affordable for me to not only get my eyes checked, but get a new pair of glasses or two.

Then, maybe I won’t mistake the picture of a fish for a geography test.

Feature Photo by MARK S. on Unsplash

9 thoughts on “Might Be Time For a New Prescription

  1. Your benefit plan doesn’t cover glasses?!? WHAAATTT?!?!

    I got new glasses a year ago. And I waited until my benefits bumped up a year to get $200 off my glasses and then connected with Clearly Contacts and got TWO pairs of glasses (reg and sun) which came to over $460, minus my insurance, minus their website deals, and I had to pay $63 in the end lol It was amazing

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