I Need to Get Some Things Off My Chest

I’m breaking my blogging hiatus even though I’m not entirely sure I’m ready to break my blogging hiatus. But there are some things that have been happening in the world that have gotten under my skin and I would like to address those things, briefly. This will not be an award winning blog post that has a coherent theme running throughout. This will basically be a list of the several thoughts that I feel the need to share.

  1. Does anyone else think it’s super awkward when a brother/sister duo competes in ice dancing? Maybe it’s just me…
  2. Dude, if you are already in the roundabout, DO NOT STOP FOR ME TO PULL IN! If you’re already in the roundabout, you have the right of way! It’s on me to yield to you, the oncoming traffic! If you do this to me, I will get out of my car with a pair of scissors, approach your window, ask for your license, cut it into several pieces, then throw those pieces far from you!
  3. On a related note, if you and I arrive at an intersection with 4-way stop signs at the same time, coming from opposite directions and you’re going straight while I’m waiting to turn left, do not signal for me to go. You have the right of way, not me. I don’t care if you’re trying to be nice to your fellow motorist. Your politeness does not give me the right to break the law.
  4. Kids, this cannot be a discussion about guns being the problem or mental health being the problem. The discussion must be about BOTH guns AND mental health being the PROBLEMS… plural. The conservatives are right, taking the guns away does not solve the problem of people with mental illness or a troubled past snapping and going on a rampage. But you know what? The liberals are right, too. If people with a mental illness or a troubled past snap and all they can get their hands on is a lead pipe, they might be able to take out one or two people before someone brings them down. Even if they have a hand gun, they’re not going to take out more than a few people before they’re stopped. Unlike a high powered assault rifle that can fire off a hundred rounds in a minute. I’m not saying we should eliminate the 2nd Amendment. But think about the time in which that amendment was written. 225 years ago, the most powerful weapon on the planet could shoot once, then it took three minutes to reload the thing. Do you think our forefathers foresaw what kind of destruction we would come to create in the course of our history? Leave the 2nd Amendment where it is. What’s wrong with people having handguns for protection or rifles for hunting? But I dare you to give me a good, logical argument for why any civilian needs to have a weapon whose sole design is to kill as many people as possible as quickly as possible.
  5. Teachers are not paid enough to act as human shields. Even if they were paid the equivalent of an agent on the president’s Secret Service security detail, their job is not to take a bullet for their students. Their job is to teach. It’s already a thankless job as it is.

I think that’s it for now. I’ll be back with real blog posts soon. I think. This should tie you over in the meantime. I probably said some things that can be construed as controversial, maybe even not completely informed. I don’t actually know how many rounds can be fired in a minute using a high powered assault rifle. Aside from SuperSoakers and Lazer Tag, I’ve fired a gun once in my life and that was just an old pistol at a target on a friend’s farm. To say I’m not an expert would be a vast understatement. Also, I haven’t read the Virginia driver’s manual since I was 15, so it’s conceivable that some of those laws have changed. Maybe I’ve got the whole right of way thing wrong. Maybe we’re all just supposed to drive however we please. I’m open to constructive criticism regarding any of the above thoughts in the comments. But if you’re just gonna call me names, save it. Unless you can call me something I haven’t heard before. Then I might be impressed.


6 thoughts on “I Need to Get Some Things Off My Chest

  1. The brother/sister duos in ice dancing are a bit too weird for me. I mean, it was probably cute when they were competing as kids. But now it just feels like a few lines are being crossed. Ah well, who am I to judge?

    You’re bang on about the guns thing. I also don’t like the argument that “Oh if we take away their guns, they’ll find another way to cause mass destruction, so they might as well keep the guns.” There are too many people on Twitter who need to know when to shut up.

    Drivers are the worst.

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  2. It’s nice to see a post from you back in my feed – not that I’ve been on my feed much lately either. Though my hiatus isn’t on purpose. I think the most controversial piece of this is that you said “Hopefully it will tie you over…” & All my life I’ve been saying “tide you over” SO which is it?! PSA: all my life (until last summer) I also said “Keep you on the straightened arrow.” Not “straight and narrow.” Talk soon! .xo.

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