Concerning Vehicular Behavior

I’ve been driving on a pretty regular basis for roughly 26 years now. In all that time, I have seen my share of road rage incidents. Heck, I’ve been a part of my share of road rage incidents.

Wait… By reading that last sentence, you may be assuming that I’m the sort of road-rager that will exit my vehicle and verbally berate or attempt to physically antagonize a fellow motorist. That’s simply not the case. No… I do suffer from my own brand of road rage, but I keep it confined to the safe confines of my own vehicle. I have no problem yelling at drivers I believe have done me wrong or cut me off or are otherwise not operating their vehicle in a manner I believe to be appropriate. But I’m yelling at them from behind my steering wheel with all my windows safely closed. No one hears my horrible screams. And I keep it to the verbal assaults… no hand gestures at all.

Anyway, this isn’t about my road rage. This is about some road rage that I witnessed this afternoon. It was something I can honestly say I’ve never seen happen before.

I came to a stop at an intersection behind a car that was properly stopped at a stop sign. Suddenly, the driver in front of me threw her car into park and exited the vehicle. For a moment, I thought she was going to come back and start yelling at me for something… though I had no idea what I could have possibly done to offend her. But, no, she was screaming at a passenger in her own car.

This driver then proceeded to slam the door closed and quickly walked down the sidewalk, away from her car. It was then that a man climbed out of the passenger side, returning some unheard dialogue. He walked around the car and got behind the wheel and drove off, clearly chasing after the woman that had been in the driver’s seat. The last I was able to see as I drove off was the woman breaking into a run. Well, as much of a run as one can break into when wearing flip flops.

At the time, I had a client in my car and had no choice but to not respond to what I was seeing. But even if I’d been alone in the car… was there really anything I could have done? Should have done?

All I could see was that this was some kind of domestic disturbance. I have no idea what the relationship is between this man and woman. Who would have been in the wrong in their conflict? Was either of them truly in the wrong? After all, the argument can be made it takes two to tango. If they were in conflict, as it appeared to be, maybe the woman getting out of the car and walking away was the right move… She leaves the situation so that one or both of them can cool off for a while. The man, on the other hand, goes ahead and chases her down, clearly unable to let whatever this is go.

So do I move forward with my day concerned that this woman could have been in danger? I kind of just hope for the best because, the reality of the situation is, even if I had been alone while witnessing these actions, I’d have convinced myself to mind my own business. What would I say if I called the police? What could they even do if I reported this couple’s behavior?

What would you do in that situation? Have you ever come upon a road rage incident and felt the need to get involved? Let me know your story in the comments!

Feature Photo by Joshua Wordel on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Concerning Vehicular Behavior

  1. My first inclination would be to call the Police. You would have at least had descriptions of the car and what occurred. It might have been innocent but a wellness check probably would have been good idea at least for the woman.

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  2. To ease your mind a tad, if she were in real danger, she would have exited the car and walked back to you and requested assistance of some sort. It sounds like she felt the need to remover herself from whatever situation was happening in that car.

    We visited my cousin in DC this past Christmas while walking the streets on our way to dinner, we came across a couple that was fighting. At first it was just the girl screaming in very close proximity to the guys face and then he grabbed her arm; not in a forceful way–more so in a please calm down, I mean you no harm kind of way. Well that sent her off and she started waling on him; his arms, his chest, I think she tried to slap his face a couple times, but he either dodged or blocked her attempts. Essentially he kept his composure while she lost her mind and since we were in unfamiliar territory, we let my cousin take the lead as to how we would react and we just walked right past. Later on he said those types of spats happen all the time; it’s best to just mind your own business.

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