One Thousand Days

Kids, with this blog post, I have managed to put something on this blog every day for 1,000 consecutive days. Let’s take a moment to let that sink in.

1,000 days of posting something every single day.

There’s no fanfare. There are no awards. There’s no certificate marking the occasion. It’s only a big deal because it’s a big deal in my mind.

And now that I’ve made it to 1,000 days, I’ve decided to take a break.

It’s been a stressful year and it’s been getting harder and harder to stay creative with this blog. Even the simple things have been unappealing lately. I’ve basically just been pushing myself to 1,000 days so I could say I did it. And now the hiatus.

That’s why there’s no Sunday Scribblings this week. There won’t be a Question of the Week on Saturday. Doesn’t mean these things won’t return when I come back to blogging. Just don’t look for them from me for a while.

I can’t say how long this break will last. Could be a few weeks. Could be a month or two. Could be the rest of the calendar year. I’ve been dealing with a lot of change recently and it’s time spend time enjoying those changes.

As for keeping up with others’ blogs, I hope I’ll keep making time to check in and see what everyone is up to. But I’m not making any promises… Because I might need a break from reading and writing for a while… We’ll see…

To everyone who’s been following my blog for any amount of time, thank you. I appreciate you taking time to read what I’ve written. I appreciate your likes and comments. I appreciate your support. And I hope you’ll stick around, because I can promise that I will be back. I may not have much to say right now, but I know I’ll have plenty to say when I’m not so burned out anymore.

See you in the future…


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