One Thousand Days

Kids, with this blog post, I have managed to put something on this blog every day for 1,000 consecutive days. Let's take a moment to let that sink in. 1,000 days of posting something every single day. There's no fanfare. There are no awards. There's no certificate marking the occasion. It's only a big deal … Continue reading One Thousand Days



Because today is Sewing Machine Day, our Sunday Scribblings prompt for this week is Sewing. If you decide to write a post based on this week’s prompt, be sure to go back here and share your link so everyone can see how you interpreted things! Here’s what I did with it… All right everyone... I've got nothing. I … Continue reading Sewing

Juggling a Lot of Things…

Hey kids... This is gonna be one of those blog posts where I'm just informing you that I'm taking a hiatus from blogging for a while. I once heard a good metaphor for all of the stresses we try to keep up with in life that involved juggling. You've got all these balls in the … Continue reading Juggling a Lot of Things…

A Week of Hiatus

I know what you're thinking... "Where's Rewatching Buffy? Where's Rewatching Angel?" Sorry, kids. I've gotta take a break for a few days. Maybe a week or so... There come times in all our lives when responsibilities take over and things get busier than normal. For me, this is one of those times. So I'll be … Continue reading A Week of Hiatus