On the 1st Day of Blogmas…

So… uh… Here’s my tree…

It’s funny. Because I really wasn’t planning to decorate anything this year. Because I was going to treat this year like I treated last year. I figured… I don’t have a tree to dig out of storage, so that’s out. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend money on a new artificial pre-lit tree. So I wasn’t going to decorate.

And then I forced myself to fully clean my apartment. We’re talking trash taken out, floors vacuumed, furniture dusted, bathroom cleansed, kitchen reorganized, and my leaning tower of pizza boxes disposed of.

So with a clean apartment, I suddenly had a desire to fill a small space in the living room with a Christmas tree. It’s missing the traditional tree skirt and I want to put a long white ribbon wrapped around it. Those are coming tomorrow.

I think…

But that’s pretty much all I’m doing to decorate. Just the tree. And a stocking that I have hanging on an unused nail on the wall. And an elf on the shelf that may or may not be trying to kill me.

More to come…

Feature Photo by George Dolgikh on Pexels


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