Question of the Week #338

If you were sentenced to hear one of the following all morning, every morning for the next year, which would be worst: a baby crying, someone screaming, someone cursing drunkenly, or the song “It’s a Small World” played over and over and over again?

I feel like the annoyance of “It’s a Small World” would come and go, then come back, then go again. It would be a cycle. You know… at first it’s fun and you want to sing along. Then by the end of the ride you’re sick of the cheerful tune and want to smash the animatronic children with an aluminum bat. But then I’m sure the song comes back around and you can’t help but sing along once more.

Someone cursing drunkenly would probably be pretty funny before it got obnoxious. I think that one would probably come back around. I’m sure I’d reach a point where I’d be tempted to open my window and yell down for them to shut up, even though I know that risks making myself the target for their drunken slurs.

People wake up to babies crying all over the world every single day. I’m sure if I were ever to be a father, it’s something I’d certainly get used to.

Someone screaming? I feel like that would be more terrifying than any of the other options. I mean… why are they screaming? Are they being attacked? Are they having a psychotic break? Am I next?!

Yeah… for me, the worst would be someone randomly screaming all morning.

Which would you choose as the worst? Let me know in the comments!

*The Question of the Week can be found in The Book of Questions by Gregory Stock, Ph.D.


6 thoughts on “Question of the Week #338

  1. You make some good points. I think I could tune out the music as it will have a consistent pattern. Agree drunken cursing would error on the side of funny at first at least. The baby crying will tug at our genetic heart strings, but I’ve been a father of a baby twice and have already experienced being able to roll over and sleep (I’m guessing mom’s might have a different answer here and be annoyed at the lazy father in me). So the person screaming “wins” the day. It would be scary and anxiety producing.

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  2. Okies but like how long is “all morning”? Is it like 2am-noon? 9am to noon? I need an actual time frame LOL

    But I’d pick the small world. One year in high school one group was raising money for something and did a “stop the bop” and played mmmm bop on repeat every lunch and between all the classes and after like 4 days everyone just got used to it

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