Peanut Butter

Because today is National Peanut Butter Cookie Day, our Sunday Scribblings prompt for this week is Peanut Butter. If you decide to write a post based on this week’s prompt, be sure to go back here and share your link so everyone can see how you interpreted things! Here’s what I did with it…

Oh, peanut butter… Where do I even begin.

It’s entirely possible that you’ve been following my blog long enough to know that I absolutely detest peanut butter. The smell of it makes me gag. If any happens to find its way into my mouth, I will vomit.

No… I’m not allergic. Though I sometimes use that easy excuse so people with peanut butter will stay away from me. But I hate lying about medical conditions. Because I know for a lot of elementary school kids, the struggle is real. I once worked with a kid whose peanut allergy was so bad he couldn’t even eat at the same table as another kid who had a PB&J for lunch.

I just don’t like the stuff. And, by extension, I can’t eat peanuts. Because all they do is remind me of peanut butter.

The story goes that I tried peanut butter as a small child, somewhere in those toddler years, and I did not like the way the stuff stuck to the roof of my mouth. That was always my parents’ theory, anyway. Sure, that’s sounds plausible enough. I don’t know… All I know for certain is that I have never felt anything but disgust in regards to peanut butter.

If you want a specific example, you can read about the Peanut Butter Pie Incident that I shared back on Pi Day last year. I avoid any and all products with peanut butter as an ingredient.

I once went to a potluck dinner where someone had brought banana pudding for dessert. Banana pudding is actually one of a very few desserts that I actually like, seeing as how I’m not much of a fan of chocolate, either. You know what I discovered upon getting a big scoop of this homemade banana pudding? They used Nutter Butter cookies instead of vanilla wafers. Nutter Butters?!

Now I feel like that’s a fun little adjustment one can make to the recipe if you’re making this particular dessert for your family and everyone has a healthy love for all things peanuty. But to bring that to a potluck dinner with all manner of individuals is totally irresponsible. What if someone with a severe peanut allergy believed that they could dish out some banana pudding, thinking this is a safe dessert and definitely won’t kill me… right up until they bit into that Nutter Butter. Luckily, I don’t have that allergy and could simply spit the spoonful back into my bowl with no further consequences. There was no signage warning random potluck attendees that this dessert contained peanut butter. Irresponsible!

Sorry… that still kind of makes me angry.

A part of me wishes I liked peanut butter. I know there are a lot of things I’m missing out on. And I know that a peanut butter & jelly sandwich would be an easy and quick snack or lunch on those work days when I only have a few minutes to swing by my apartment to grab something to eat.

A bigger part of me is prepared to continue avoiding peanut butter like the plague for the rest of my life.

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One thought on “Peanut Butter

  1. Ya know, I also sometimes use allergies as an excuse not to eat something. When I was in South Korea, it was sooooo rude to not accept food. Like there was so much social pressure because its just expected that you do it to show respect. But I hate fish and will gag with it. So I did the same to not be rude – just say I was allergic since a simple “no thank you” was going to be taken as a very disrespectful answer.

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