A Confusing Comment

I typically trust that WordPress does a good job of filtering spam comments from the real thing. I trust it so much, in fact, that I very rarely ever click over into my spam comments that never see the light of day. I actually just took a look at some of my more recent spam comments that I didn’t even know existed and it’s almost entertaining what shows up there. But they’re automatically not approved to appear on my blog posts, so I just go ahead and ignore them.

This morning, however, I received an interesting, if confusing, comment on yesterday’s blog post. After reading it, I’m not sure how to feel. I’m not sure if I should believe that it is a legit comment from a real person who actually stopped by my blog or if I should assume it’s spam that just didn’t get caught in WordPress’s net.

Here… why don’t I just copy and paste the original comment so you can see it for yourself without necessarily clicking back to yesterday’s post…

Hello so i made tbis webpage THE CONFUSING MIDDLE cause i am the middle child born i wanted a place for people to be able to go and write what ever was on the mind and not be bullied and yet i see you stole this from me. I will take back my site how dare you.

Please note that the grammatical and typographic errors are original to the comment. And that’s really just the first half of the comment. The rest of the comment quotes part of the post.

The comment was left by someone named Christa Bennett. There is no link with her name, as is usually the case when most other bloggers leave a comment. I would be happy to engage Christa in a discussion about the name of my blog versus the name of the website she claims to have created. However, since she has left no way for me to contact her, the discussion may be a bit one sided.

I did a search with the Google. When I look for The Confusing Middle, my blog is what comes up first, followed by the blog’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. Do I think that’s because Google is fully aware of who I am and my connection to this blog? Of course. But I kept scrolling down and found nothing in the first five pages of results that referred specifically to the words The Confusing Middle together in that sequence.

I then searched for Christa Bennett and found lots of information for someone running for school board in Charlottesville, VA. Again, I’m sure that’s because Google knows I live in Virginia and assumes I would be interested in the closest relevant Christa Bennett. Not sure that this person running for school board would make as many mistakes in a blog comment.

Because let’s break down that comment for a moment… It almost seems as if it was written by a child. A young teenager at least. The language used and neglecting to capitalize the I so many times… That’s just the vibe I get. And I understand that Christa apparently began her site as a means of allowing people to express themselves without fear of being bullied. I hope that it doesn’t come across as me trying to bully Christa in pointing out the flaws in the comment. Just processing…

I also searched for The Confusing Middle linked with Christa Bennett… again nothing.

I think I would have just let the whole thing go and chalked it up to misplaced spam if not for the last three words of Christa’s comment: “how dare you.”

How dare you?!

Christa, you make it seem like I have come after you on a personal level. As if I have purposefully stolen your website from underneath you, like I was thirsty for vengeance and my only outlet for vindication was to take something that was rightfully yours. That’s absolutely not the case.

I have been blogging here on The Confusing Middle since January of 2015. This blog has been hosted by WordPress, through whom I have continuously paid for annual renewal of the domain name, since that time. I also have a Facebook page and Twitter account dedicated to The Confusing Middle, both of which have been up and running throughout most of the life of this blog. There’s also an Instagram account that doesn’t see much action these days.

Look, if you established your version of The Confusing Middle before January of 2015 and would like to have legal documents drawn up ordering me to cease and desist the use of this name, have your attorneys contact me and I will happily comply. Otherwise, I don’t see why there can’t be room for both of us to exist. I mean, can you imagine how many different people have blogs titled “Life Is Beautiful” or “Over the Rainbow”? It has to be a lot. And they coexist just fine.

I’ve been here for more than seven years and you’re only just now trying to accuse me of stealing the idea you had for the name of your website. I think we could go on another seven or even 70 years without you attacking me and get along without even knowing each other are out there. Have a great weekend!

Feature Photo by Jeremy Bezanger on Unsplash


9 thoughts on “A Confusing Comment

  1. Oh wow! That is a little bit rude of her, because also, if she had the domain name then you wouldnt have been able to purchase it. So I say you are the rightful owner of this site name and I wont accept any other explaination haha

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  2. I have gotten spammy comments saying that I copied someones design on my Etsy shop. Complete with the copyright infringement statement and a link to the offending item which of course wasn’t. Some people have no shame.

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