My Favorite Posts from 2021

This is another one that’s pretty much become an annual tradition here at The Confusing Middle. The other day, I looked back at which posts from the year were the most viewed according to the WordPress analytics. Today, I’m pulling out the posts that I personally enjoyed writing the most. These are my 10 favorite posts from last year.

I Do Not Like My Life Very Much Right Now
Some may call this a self-indulgent pity party. I call it being open and honest about how I was feeling that particular day. If I can’t be vulnerable on my blog, where can I be?

Different Seasons, Indifferent Friends
Being on this side of the quarantine or the lockdown or the pandemic… whatever you want to call it… gave me some insight about a lot of the relationships I’ve had with people in my life. The ones that are worth holding onto and the ones that need to be let go.

This came from a Sunday Scribblings prompt and was just a short story from the perspective of a penny. I just had fun writing it.

A to Z Challenge 2021 – Reflection
For the last few years, in the month of April, I’ve participated in the A to Z Challenge. This year, my theme was characters found in DC Comics. I had more fun with that than I thought I would. But of course I did… I’m a big geek who grew up reading DC Comics. How could I not enjoy every day of that month?

Rewatching Angel – A Top Ten List
I finished my rewatch of Angel. I put together a list of my 10 favorite episodes. That was probably evident from the title…

My Gaming History: Nintendo Entertainment System
This one was fun to write simply for the nostalgia of the thing. Just the thought of turning on that old NES or blowing into the cartridge because it didn’t work the first time takes me back to when I was nine years old and desperate to beat Metroid for the first time.

Why Don’t Superheroes Stay Dead?
One of my posts during the A to Z Challenge invited this question from T over at No Love for Fatties. Of course I had to give my answer.

Some Thoughts After Seeing Black Widow
This post wound up being not so much a review of the Black Widow movie, but a head canon theory I came up with involving Red Guardian and Captain America and all of that wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff involved with Avengers: Endgame.

10 Marvel Moments That Live in My Head Rent Free
I will always, ultimately, be a DC before I’m a Marvel. But one cannot deny the sheer fun that these Marvel movies have been over the course of the last 14 years. By the way, I already need to rethink this list after Spider-Man: No Way Home.

5 Movie Soundtracks That Shaped My Childhood
Again… a post that was all about the nostalgia. Just thinking about some of the songs found on some of these albums puts me write back into the back seat of the family car when we were on our annual road trip to Nashville… with my sister asking if we can stop because there’s a Stuckey’s up ahead. Is Stuckey’s still a thing?

So… Those are the posts. Do with them what you will. Personally, I hope you enjoy them. I had a blast writing them. And re-reading them over the last few days. I’m incredibly insightful. And hilarious. But you already knew that! See you tomorrow, kids!


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