Question of the Week #307

If most of your neighbors owned guns legally, would you feel more protected or more at risk than you do now?

I could probably provide a better answer to this question if I actually knew my neighbors. If I felt that my neighbors were reasonably intelligent, level-headed, and mostly sane, I would not have a problem with them all being armed. If they’re all Doomsday Preppers… well, I might feel differently.

I never see the other people who live in my building. Well… not never. I see a handful in passing. But I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen the same neighbors twice. We’re all ships passing in the night. This isn’t like a 90s sitcom where we all leave our doors unlocked so that the girls across the hall can come over and play foosball whenever they feel like it.

Memo to self: get a foosball table. That would be awesome.

Anyway, I can’t really answer this question logically since I don’t know my current neighbors. I hear doors opening and closing in the hallway outside my apartment from time to time. But for all I know, the building is haunted and those sounds are just being caused by mischievous poltergeists.

I will say this… If my neighbors did, in fact, obtain their firearms legally, I would hope that means they passed all potential checks and balances that are in place to make sure that they are able to safely arm themselves. And if that’s the case, sure, I’ll say I feel a little safer.

But let me clarify what would actually instill me with safety and what would instill me with fear. If my neighbors are armed with a hunting rifle or a handgun that usually just stays in a lock box or maybe even a shotgun… guns that fire once when the trigger is pulled… those I feel a little better about. If my neighbor has a high powered automatic rifle that can fire off 8 billion rounds per second? No… I worry that I’ll see that neighbor’s mugshot after they snapped one day.

Allow me to state the following emphatically…


Look… I’m not sure that I’d ever be one of those guys who wants to do away with the Second Amendment. I believe that the founding powers that be put that in the United States Bill of Rights for a purpose. Sure, that purpose is less likely today than it was 240 years ago when it was likely that one’s home could be invaded by Redcoats at any given moment. But I also can’t help but keep in mind that the Second Amendment to the Constitution was written in a time when the most powerful weapon that your average American could get their hands on was a handgun that could fire one lead ball, then required about a minute to reload so it could get one more shot off. I’m not sure the founding fathers had today’s weapons in mind when they made the argument for the right to bear arms.

But what do you think? If these were your neighbors would you feel more or less safe in your own home? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.


4 thoughts on “Question of the Week #307

  1. I would feel more at risk. I’ve met many of my neighbors and I’m pretty sure none of us know how to handle a gun. If we owned them legally it would be a fluke and we would have reason to be scared.
    Seriously, the crime rate in our neighborhood is extremely low. Now a pellet gun would be handy to cull the rabbit population. Too bad it’s illegal to shoot one here in town and there’s a bylaw officer living within sight of our houses to notice if we tried.

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    • I honestly have to mostly plead ignorance when it comes to most types of guns. So, really, what comes to mind for me when I make that kind of statement is the types of weapons we see used time after time in mass shootings. The kind of thing that, to me, seem as if they were created for the purpose of taking out as many people as quickly as possible. Again, I mostly plead ignorance since I’ve never owned a gun of any kind and cannot see myself in any situation where I will truly need to own a firearm. But even if such a time were to come, I would simply stick to a handgun and the research that goes along with that type of weapon. Anything else will always be above my paygrade.


      • Good of you to admit your ignorance of this.
        Fully automatic weapons are illegal to own in the US unless you pay big fees, big background checks and get a special license. Otherwise, 0ne trigger pull, one shot is guns in America.
        Truthfully, amateurs using a fully automatic weapon would result in fewer deaths because after about the 3rd shot, they would literally be shooting straight up in the air as fully automatic hand held guns are very hard to control.
        2019, 364 people were killed by any kind of rifle, and 600 were beaten to death by hands/feet.


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