On the 2nd Day of Blogmas…

Did you know that yesterday was National Christmas Lights Day? Man... there's a day for all the things. Anyway, it's fitting that a friend from work shared an infographic with a helpful list of electrical safety tips for the home and office. I mean, sure it's fun to watch Clark Griswold hang 25,000 twinkling lights … Continue reading On the 2nd Day of Blogmas…


Question of the Week #307

If most of your neighbors owned guns legally, would you feel more protected or more at risk than you do now? I could probably provide a better answer to this question if I actually knew my neighbors. If I felt that my neighbors were reasonably intelligent, level-headed, and mostly sane, I would not have a … Continue reading Question of the Week #307

Thank You, Number Sixteen

The jeans I wore this weekend I've had for several months now. But I pulled something out of the back pocket that I did not know was there. It wasn't a big deal. It's not as though I reached in and found a $20 bill, though that would have been awesome. No, it was a … Continue reading Thank You, Number Sixteen

Safe Haven

Title: Safe Haven Author: Nicholas Sparks Published: 2010 Listening to True Believer renewed my interest in Nicholas Sparks. It's not like I have fuzzy feelings toward the guy, but I was just in the mood to pick up another of his books. So I picked up this one. The story opens up on Katie. She's … Continue reading Safe Haven

Come Hell or High Water

I was only five years old when the infamous Flood of '85 washed away a chunk of southwest Virginia. I really don't remember much about it, and most of what I do know has been pieced together from old news footage and exaggerated memories. I was in kindergarten at East Salem Elementary School. When the … Continue reading Come Hell or High Water