Question of the Week #286

If you wanted to take a new and uncertain path in your life, but your friends really didn’t want you to, would you go ahead against their wishes if you thought it was right for you?

Not only would I do this, but I have in the past. And it didn’t work out so well.

Without getting into the weeds of what happened in the past, I’ll say this much… A job opportunity came along and it seemed too good to be true. This job was going to be something I knew I would enjoy doing and was going to take me away from a job that I absolutely hated. The timing of everything happening led a lot of people close to me throwing up red flags. Or… they saw red flags where I saw opportunity. I chose not to listen and three months later I was looking for a new job all over again.

That said, I pay attention to my friends’ advice. I did then and I do now. Then… I was younger and more impetuous and more apt to do what I wanted to do without necessarily taking all opinions into consideration. Now… I’m older and (I hope) a little wiser and am more willing to hear what others have to say about my potential well-being. Therefore, I am more cautious before making decisions that will affect my life story.

But, again, if it comes down to something that I absolutely feel is right, I’m going to do it. If, to me, I’m certain beyond the shadow of a doubt that I’m doing the right thing, I’ll do it, even if my closest friends tell me no.

What about you? How much stock do you put into the advice your friends? Do you do what you want no matter what your friends say or do they hold more sway over your decisions? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

*The Question of the Week can be found in The Book of Questions by Gregory Stock, Ph.D.


One thought on “Question of the Week #286

  1. I kind of feel like its usually the opposite for me. My friends are usually the ones pointing out all the good things and Im finding faults HAHA. Except with boys… ugh with boys I am always “ooo its so good” and they are all “RED FLAGS” and they are usually right then I end up sad lol

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