This week, our Sunday Scribblings prompt is Red. If you decide to write a post based on this week’s prompt, be sure to go back here and share your link so everyone can see how you interpreted things! Here’s what I did with it…

Alvin woke suddenly in the middle of the night. In his disorientation, he could have sworn a loud noise had woken him, but now he heard nothing.

He freed his arm from the inside of his sleeping bag and groped around for his phone, wanting to use its flashlight to get his bearings and make sure Martin was all right. As he activated the light on his phone, he was shocked to find Martin’s sleeping bag empty.

Alvin scanned the tent and finally noticed that the flap was unzipped. Maybe he just needed to take a leak, he thought sleepily. “Martin,” he called out.

No response.

He rolled his eyes, annoyed that he would need to put on his boots just to step out into the cold night to find his friend.

If he was honest with himself, Alvin never wanted to take this camping trip anyway. But Martin had talked him into it. The plan was for the two of them to arrive at the campsite early with a few other guys meeting them there the next day. Alvin didn’t want to make Martin stay out there by himself before everyone else arrived, so he gave in.

Now he had woken to what he could have sworn was a loud noise to an empty tent and his friend refusing to answer when called. If I go out here and he tries to scare me I’m gonna be pissed, Alvin thought as he tied the laces on his boots.

Stepping out into the darkness, Alvin held his phone in front of him, desperate to illuminate the area before him. No Martin. He moved from left to right, lighting up the trees and casting eerie shadows all around him.

“Martin!” he called, much louder than his previous attempt.

Still no response.

If he was just going to the bathroom, he thought, he wouldn’t have gone too far. He should hear me.

Alvin tried shouting his friend’s name again, beginning to feel like he was a part of The Blair Witch Project. This time, Alvin heard his own name shouted back to him from somewhere in the distant woods. It sounded like Martin’s voice. But, at the same time, it didn’t.

Fear suddenly gripped Alvin as he faced the direction from which he heard his name. When he heard it again, he jumped back a step. Everything inside him told him to get back in the tent, get back to sleep, and let rationality return with the light of day.

But he was concerned for his friend’s safety.

Alvin began walking toward the sound of his friend’s voice, even though he wasn’t completely convinced it really was Martin’s voice. He held his phone ahead of him, lighting a path that he had not noticed before.

After walking for roughly ten minutes, Alvin came across a cave. He thought this was odd, as he was unaware of any cave systems nearby. What was even more odd was the soft glow of a red light coming from inside what should have been a pitch black opening.

He was terrified to call out to his friend at this point but had no choice. In response, the glowing red light pulsed brighter for only a second before going dark.

Alvin called Martin’s name once more, only for the red light in the cave to reignite brighter than before. It was almost blinding and Alvin had to shield his eyes from whatever it was.

When he glimpsed the tall silhouette of a dark figure emerge from the cave, Alvin turned to run. But as soon as he started, he was stopped when he ran directly into Martin.

“Whoa, man,” Martin said calmly, as if a horror movie wasn’t unfolding in that cave behind them. “It’s all right, Al.”

Alvin shouted at Martin, “No, it’s not all right! We’ve gotta get out of here!”

“No, no,” he said, turning Alvin to face the red light and the darkened figure that was growing closer with each second. “Everything will be revealed in just a moment.”

Alvin struggled to break free of Martin’s grip, screaming in terror as the dark figure reached out to him. As he lost consciousness, he could only hope that maybe someone somewhere heard his cries.

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Feature Photo by Elti Meshau on Unsplash


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