The Next Movie List

It occurs to me that I will be coming to the end of my Favorite Movies List in a little over a month. This leaves me with the question: what do I do with my Mondays after we get through number one?

Personally, I like movies. I like watching them. I like having excuses to watch them. I like writing about them. So, naturally, my inclination is to figure out another list of movies to make my way through. But what movies do I choose?

I’ve come up with some options. And I’d like your help in deciding which option to go with…

  1. Top 100 Best Movies I’ve Never Seen
  2. Top 100 Worst Movies I’ve Never Seen
  3. Top 100 Worst Movies I’ve Ever Seen
  4. Stop It With The Lame Movies Already!

So those are the choices. Please drop a comment in the… uh… comments section… letting me know which of those you’d like me to consider. I’ll also set up a poll on Twitter for folks to vote on as well. Let me know your preference and thanks in advance!

Feature Photo by Denise Jans on Unsplash


10 thoughts on “The Next Movie List

    • Since keeps track of movies I’ve seen and keeps an order of favorites, it also has lists of movies I have never seen before. So I can easily come up with a list of 100 movies I’ve never seen… whether they’re the best (rated by other Flickchart users) or the worst.


        • Yep… That site knows what movies I’ve watched, based on my ratings, and knows what I haven’t watched based on the huge database of other users rating movies. Although, now that I think about it… and considering that several people have voted for it at this point… I shouldn’t do 100 Worst Movies I’ve Never Seen before the ones I have seen, because then when I rank them on Flickchart, they’ll all become movies I’ve seen and I’d have to rewatch a bunch of crappy movies.

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  1. I’m split between Top 100 Best Movies I’ve Never Seen and Top 100 Worst Movies I’ve Ever Seen. On one hand, best you’ve never seen sounds like a fun unique experiment. It just might lose its effect if you ever end up seeing the movie. On the other hand, worst is always a blast, but it might be torture to have to relive these movies. I think I’ll go with worst you have seen.

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