Big Brother All-Stars – Episode 12

Previously on BIG BROTHER

A Head of Household competition was completed following the end of the most recent live eviction episode, meaning that we did not discover who was crowned HOH until Sunday night. Enzo emerged the winner in that competition. Being closely tied to the likes of Cody and Tyler, his choices for eviction were no surprise when he revealed them to be Kaysar and Kevin.

  • I said Enzo might be the kind of HOH who would stir the pot, in spite of his alliance.
  • But he’s really not.
  • Kaysar’s his target, simply because the guy hasn’t “talked game” with him the whole time they’ve been in the house.
  • Kevin is just a pawn and is told so by Enzo.
  • Thing about pawns is… they’re pieces that are created to be expendable.
  • David is still struggling with the fact that he’s lost trust with Da’Vonne, Tyler, Cody, and Bayleigh.
  • He should be…
  • Enzo’s a conundrum…
  • He claims he’s putting Kaysar and Kevin up because neither of them talked game with him.
  • So Ian comes up and talks game with Enzo to kind of ensure that he won’t be a replacement nominee, should one of the current nominees win the veto.
  • And Enzo decides that’s really suspicious of him, suddenly talking game out of nowhere, just because he’s HOH.
  • What do you expect people to do when you’re throwing people on the block for not talking game with you?!
  • Out of boredom, Memphis starts a morning show with Kaysar as his first guest.
  • That’s the kind of thing I’d want to do if I were in the house…
  • Bayleigh, Tyler, and David are chosen to play in the veto competition.
  • The competition itself is an endurance competition where each player is hanging by ropes as if they’re marionettes.
  • As time passes, things get more difficult as the ropes are moved by machines and they throw slime at them to make sure things get slippery.
  • Kaysar is the first one out…
  • Enzo is next…
  • Then Tyler falls…
  • Then Bayleigh…
  • David falls, making Kevin the winner of the Power of Veto.
  • Knowing that Kevin will take himself off the block, Ian’s name is now being thrown around as a replacement nomination.
  • Christmas offers to put herself up as a pawn, showing her trust in Enzo’s plan to get Kaysar out.
  • But he’s worried about that because he doesn’t want to see her accidentally evicted… because that’s what happens to pawns sometimes…
  • Dani’s name is also tossed around because she’s being “sloppy” with the Slick Six alliance…
  • And Enzo apparently doesn’t trust her anyway.
  • Then why did you put together an alliance with her?
  • When Kevin pulls himself off during the veto ceremony, Enzo replaces him with Christmas.
  • Playing it safe.
  • This season of Big Brother sucks.

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