Rewatching Angel – Episode 72

Angel - TitleWelcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.

Spin the Bottle

  • Lorne takes the stage and sings a couple lines of the Barbra Streisand classic, “The Way We Were.”
  • Lorne is narrating this episode…
  • Cordelia confronts Angel about his feelings for her and he doesn’t know how to answer her questions.
  • But he makes clear that she was his dearest friend and he just wants that back.
  • Lorne walks in on the conversation with the magical answer to getting Cordelia’s memories back.
  • It’s a bottle.
  • But it’s a magic bottle.
  • And Lorne is convinced that it’s foolproof and cannot go wrong.
  • Narrator Lorne makes a face, which clearly indicates that it can and will go wrong.
  • Angel’s not sure about the magic, but Cordelia is ready to take the chance.
  • Lorne says they need to gather the six.
  • Which means they need to call Wesley to be part of it.
  • And that means things are awkward thanks to last week’s “kill the professor” shenanigans.
  • Wes and Gunn nearly get into it over Fred.
  • Then the magic happens.
  • Everyone sits in a circle and the bottle goes crazy, spinning and toppling over.
  • Oh… now I get the title of the episode.
  • Everyone’s out of it… Lorne wanders into the office and collapses.
  • Fred starts talking to a plant.
  • They’re all basically high as a kite.
  • And Cordelia, in her rattled state decides the best move is to smash the bottle.
  • Suddenly, Cordelia is the same person she was in pre-Buffy Sunnydale.
  • Good call back when she sees Angel for the first time, saying the same thing she said the first time she saw him back in the first season of Buffy.
  • This is fantastic.
  • Everyone is back to their 17-year-old selves and I forgot how amazing this is.
  • Angel is his pre-vampire self, Liam.
  • Should be a nice surprise when he discovers he’s a vampire.
  • Wes is a student at the Watcher’s Academy.
  • Cordelia freaks out because she realizes she has short hair now.
  • They decide to look for weapons and find Lorne unconscious in the office.
  • And they assume he’s the devil.
  • Meanwhile, Connor is still pissed about Cordelia leaving him and takes it out on a couple of vampires.
  • The hooker he saves claims she’s gonna reward him, but she wants $50.
  • So… Connor’s still an angry, horny teenager.
  • Ugh… I really don’t like this season.
  • Gunn and Wes argue over what to do with Lorne while Fred examines him.
  • The gang’s arguing finally leads to them figuring out that they’re not 17 anymore.
  • Wes has a theory that they’ve been placed in the hotel as a test.
  • Like what they do to Slayers, trapping them somewhere with a dangerous vampire.
  • So they all split up to explore the hotel.
  • Angel and Cordelia split off and he discovers that he’s the vampire in this scenario.
  • Angel decides his best move is to leave, since the hotel is clearly evil.
  • But he can’t handle the outside because cars.
  • He runs back in and claims there were demons outside, so it’s safer inside the hotel.
  • Wes decides that one of them could be the vampire, so he passes around a cross.
  • When Angel gets the cross, Lorne wakes up and distracts everyone from his burning hand.
  • They confront Lorne about leaving them with a vampire and Lorne lets it slip that Angel is the only vampire in the group.
  • He doesn’t realize what’s happened to everyone.
  • To shut him up, Angel knocks him out again… and kinda realizes he has super strength.
  • Then he starts stalking his victims.
  • Connor shows up just in time to meddle in things and manages to save Cordelia.
  • She tells Connor that if he kills the vampire, she’ll give him a big reward.
  • Women keep throwing that phrase around this episode…
  • And it’s really just feeding into Connor’s Oedipus complex.
  • Fred is alone with Lorne and he convinces her that he’s her friend.
  • While they fight, Angel and Connor kind of bond over their hatred of their own fathers.
  • Fred unties Lorne and he manages to put together a little one-at-a-time potion that should fix everyone.
  • It works on Fred… now on to everyone else.
  • Well… this makes things awkward.
  • Cordelia is the last to receive her share of the potion and, with her memories returned, she backed away from everyone.
  • Because, with her memories, came a horrible vision of a horrible creature whose eyes have just been opened.
  • Lorne wraps up his story on stage by telling everyone to stay away from magic.
  • Angel goes after Cordy and she tells him she remembers all of it and she just has to be alone for a while.
  • But before she leaves, he asks her if they were in love.
  • She says they were… past tense… and walks away.
  • And this whole time, Lorne has been playing to an empty house…
  • Sidebar: I keep saying I really don’t like this season, and I mean it.
  • But it does have its bright spots, like this episode.
  • Most of what I don’t like about this season, I can’t talk about because it will give away a lot of the overarching plot of the season.
  • Hopefully you’ll all come to understand what I don’t like about it when the time comes.
  • Body count: Vampires – 2

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