Rewatching Buffy – Episode 128

buffy-titleWelcome to Rewatching Buffy, the part of the blog where I rewatch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love this show so many years ago.


  • Spike is Xander’s new roommate.
  • Xander’s not big with this plan.
  • Neither is Spike.
  • But the school basement is making him crazy, so this has to do for now.
  • Dawn and Buffy discuss her feelings for Spike… things are clearly complicated for the Slayer.
  • As Buffy leaves, Dawn continues a monologue about the futility of chasing relationships…
  • Until she sees him after football practice in his cool letter jacket.
  • Nice throwback with the theme from A Summer Place playing when Dawn first notices this guy.
  • Back in Season 2, when Devon asked Oz what a girl had to do to get his attention, he joked that it involved a feather boa and the theme from A Summer Place.
  • Buffy stops by Anya’s place and saves her from a demon assassin sent by D’Hoffryn.
  • After the demon is slain, Buffy convinces Anya to stop being a hermit and help them with whatever this big bad is that’s coming.
  • Back at the school, Dawn awkwardly encounters RJ.
  • Not in a cute awkward way… an awkward awkward way.
  • To try and impress him, Dawn decides to dig out Buffy’s old cheer outfit and try out to be a cheerleader.
  • It doesn’t go well.
  • Dawn shuts herself in her room and Buffy tries to coax her out with pizza and movies, but she’s melting down.
  • When another player replaces RJ as starting quarterback, Dawn pushes him down the stairs so that RJ will return to first string.
  • This lands Dawn in the principal’s office, but it’s her word against his and since this guy has a history of dishonesty, Dawn’s not in trouble.
  • But when Dawn mentions RJ being back to starting quarterback, Buffy becomes suspicious of her sister.
  • RJ is impressed that Dawn faced down Principal Wood and asks her out.
  • At the Bronze, Buffy points out RJ to Xander and Willow.
  • They start to make fun of the skank he’s dancing with… until they realize it’s Dawn.
  • Buffy forces Dawn to leave, but then she’s attacked outside the Bronze by one of the cheerleaders, who also happens to be obsessed with RJ.
  • Buffy manages to break up the fight.
  • Back at school, RJ’s in trouble with Wood for getting girls to do his homework for him.
  • Buffy calls him over to give him a stern talking to about disregarding the feelings of all these girls who seem to be crazy about him.
  • And she maintains her righteous anger right up until the moment he puts on that jacket, turning her into the same drooling school girl that Dawn has been.
  • Cue the them from A Summer Place again…
  • Buffy tells Dawn that she checked RJ out and that, while he’s not a bad guy, she advises Dawn to back off as she’s coming on too strong.
  • The next day, Buffy pulls RJ out of class and into an empty classroom.
  • After letting him talk about football for a while, she starts making out with him.
  • Naturally, Dawn witnesses the kissing and, devastated, runs out of the school.
  • Xander finds Dawn outside and goes in and catches Buffy before she can go further than is probably legal.
  • He gets Buffy home and everyone but Buffy and Dawn are convinced that there’s some kind of love spell going on here.
  • Doing some research, they find out they went to school with RJ’s older brother, a big time jock back in the day.
  • Xander and Spike go to talk with the former classmate, who’s kind of a loser now.
  • Turns out, RJ used to be a quiet kid who was into comics and poetry.
  • Then he started wearing his big brother’s letter jacket.
  • Also turns out that jacket once belonged to their dad and he made a big deal about how he met their mom wearing that jacket.
  • Anya and Willow are still researching when RJ shows up at the house looking for Buffy.
  • But he’s wearing the jacket… and Anya and Willow are under the spell.
  • That’s right… the theme from A Summer Place.
  • The competition begins.
  • Willow wants to use magic to turn RJ into a woman.
  • Buffy claims she could kill Principal Wood for him.
  • Anya goes to rob a bank for him.
  • Dawn… meanwhile… decides the only thing she can do is die for him, lying down on the train tracks.
  • Xander interrupts Willow’s spell just in time.
  • Wood is working in his office when Buffy approaches his window… with a rocket launcher.
  • Spike tackles her before she can fire.
  • Willow performs a locator spell to find Dawn, whom Buffy saves just before a train can run her over.
  • Xander and Spike decide to stage a mugging and rip the jacket right off RJ.
  • They burn the jacket and the spell is broken.
  • Oh… and Anya definitely got away with robbing that bank.
  • Body count: Demons – 1

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