Rewatching Angel – Episode 71

Angel - TitleWelcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.


  • Fred is excited about an article she’s written on physics.
  • Gunn insists he’ll read it, but he’s not really understanding it…
  • So they make out instead.
  • Lorne is still recovering from when Wolfram & Hart drilled a hole in his head to extract what he saw when he read Cordelia.
  • Angel finds Connor rummaging around in Cordelia’s room.
  • He’s getting some of her things to take back to her… since she’s still staying with him.
  • Ugh… I really don’t like this season.
  • The next day, Fred is more excited about being asked to speak at a conference.
  • Lilah stops by Wesley’s with a gift, hoping to make up for using him to get to Lorne.
  • They start kissing, so it seems to have worked, but Wes says he needs to leave.
  • Once he walks out, she notices that he was reading Fred’s article.
  • Cordelia makes Connor’s hovel seem more like home with the things he brought her from the Hyperion.
  • She notices, however, that there are no pictures of Angel in the things he brought.
  • He claims he couldn’t find any.
  • Right…
  • At the physics conference, Fred is excited to see her old mentor, Professor Seidel.
  • Angel notices that Wes is there for Fred’s speech… then he notices Lilah is there, too.
  • While Fred is speaking, a dimensional portal opens above her, releasing some kind of huge tentacle monster.
  • Angel and Gunn save Fred and the monster retreats before the portal closes.
  • Angel goes to Lilah first, assuming she had something to do with it.
  • But she was only there because she was jealous of what Wes was up to.
  • Before she drives away, Angel warns her that they will have a conversation about what her people did to Lorne.
  • That night, Fred is reverting back to her cave girl days, writing on the walls and mumbling physics to herself.
  • Fred is afraid she’s going to wind up back in Pylea… or worse.
  • But Gunn insists that that’s never going to happen.
  • Gunn and Angel track down a sketchy kid who was taking pictures while Fred was being attacked on stage.
  • His story is that he was there because he wanted to see if she was one of the girls who disappeared.
  • Fred goes to visit her old mentor, who says he wants to see her as a student again, that she has a gift that shouldn’t be wasted.
  • She seems flattered, but she has another life now.
  • Seidel tells her she’s a very talented young woman who deserves to live in the world she was meant for.
  • The comic geek tell Angel and Gunn that there are rumors about three girls who vanished before Fred and one other since.
  • Fred is left alone in Seidel’s office and discovers that he is the one responsible for the portal that opened during her speech…
  • And for sending her to Pylea all those years ago.
  • Fred gets back to the hotel just as Angel and Gunn discover the same thing about the good professor.
  • Fred’s pissed and says that Seidel is gonna die.
  • She wants some pretty serious revenge.
  • Gunn is able to talk her down and she says she’ll go up and lie down for a few days…
  • Instead, she goes to Wesley.
  • He warns her, too, that vengeance has a price, but he’s still willing to help her if that’s what she’s made up her mind to do.
  • While she and Wes look at some books, she gets a text message that contains some really strange symbols.
  • A portal opens right in front of them, nearly sucking them in.
  • Meanwhile, Connor is re-teaching Cordelia how to take down vampires.
  • She slays one and, in her excitement, begins kissing Connor.
  • Ugh… I really don’t like this season.
  • Wes and Fred drive toward the professor’s office and Wesley mentions his surprise that Gunn isn’t helping her.
  • She tells him that Gunn doesn’t have it in him to kill, that’s part of why she loves him.
  • Angel gets to Seidel first, but as he confronts the professor, a portal opens releasing a demon.
  • Seidel runs out, but Fred is there to knock him out.
  • Back at Connor’s, he’s getting a little too touchy-feely while she’s putting clothes away.
  • Cordelia tells him they shouldn’t have kissed and she needs to go back to the hotel so she can think clearly.
  • Angel fights the demon, discovering that even beheading it won’t kill it, because it grows a new head.
  • Fred holds Seidel at the end of a crossbow and opens her own portal, intending to throw him in.
  • Gunn rushes in and stops Fred from throwing him in the portal, afraid that if she takes a life, he’ll lose her.
  • She tries to stop him from saving Seidel, but instead, he goes over and snaps his neck before throwing him in the portal.
  • This is the beginning of the end for Fred and Gunn.
  • Angel comes out of the office, having slain the demon, and is told that he got sucked into his own portal.
  • Cordelia shows up and wants to talk with Angel.
  • She understands now why Angel lied to her before, to protect her.
  • She tells him that she also knows herself well enough now to know that the person she used to be didn’t need protection… so no more lies.
  • Then she asks him the big question: “Were we in love?”
  • Body count: Vampires – 1; Demons – 1; Humans – 1

3 thoughts on “Rewatching Angel – Episode 71

  1. I actually felt really bad for Fred and Gunn in this. Fred loved that he didn’t have it in him to kill but did what he had to do in order to right the wrong that was done so many years ago to her. I feel like these two weren’t given a fair shot so that we could shift to her and Wesley but this episode always stuck out in my mind.

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