A Dream About the Moon

So… I had another weird dream again…

This time, it was about as close to a lucid dream as I think I’ve ever experienced. You know what lucid dreaming is, right? If I understand correctly, it’s basically where you are aware of your dream and can control what’s going on. I imagine it’s like being Neo inside the Matrix.

Anyway, in my dream, I was driving along during the day. And it was one of those days where you can see the moon clearly in the sky. Looked fairly normal as the moon often does.

But I got to thinking… What if the moon were bigger? Or what if it were closer to the earth? If it was closer, would we be traveling there by now? Would we be colonizing the moon by now? What if we had more than one moon?

Suddenly, the daytime sky had three visible moons. One looked huge, but I knew that’s because it was the closest in orbit.

Remember… I’m still in my dream at this point. And the dream shifted inexplicably to me preparing to move to the lunar colony, which had, for some reason, been entirely sponsored by Walmart. Because of course there’s a Walmart on the moon.

The part where Walmart is in charge of the lunar colony may have more to do with the fact that I recently watched WALL-E and I had the Buy ‘N’ Large company somewhere in the back of my mind. Anyway, I watched as Walmart employees and construction teams on the moon cleared space for the colony to set up shop.

It looked like we were all living in a huge Walmart parking lot.

I remember my shuttle for the moon took off at some point in December. But then I flashed to a year later. I hadn’t spoken to anyone on earth since then. Apparently that’s how long it took us to set up the WiFi. I finally called my mom on Christmas day and, really, neither of us could believe it had already been a year.

And then I woke up.

But now, when I look at the moon, I wonder if I’ll ever live up there someday. Probably not. Unless they can guarantee WiFi access sooner than a year. Gots to stream my Disney+.

Feature Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash


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