Rewatching Angel – Episode 66

Angel - TitleWelcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.


  • Groosalug is concerned about Cordelia’s anxiety over Angel and Connor, so he makes her a soothing beverage made of mostly muddy water.
  • How sweet.
  • Angel gets back to the hotel and tells them he found Holtz and didn’t kill him.
  • Meanwhile, Connor cradle’s Holtz’s dead body.
  • Justine makes Connor believe that Angel did this.
  • Connor doesn’t want to kill Angel, but he does want to make him suffer.
  • Angel and Cordelia try to pick out a room for Connor and discuss what it’ll be like for Connor to live there as a teenager.
  • Lorne comes in and says the kid can have his room because he’s leaving.
  • He’s gotten an offer from a friend who owns a club who needs a singer/seer.
  • Lorne admits that the Connor factor is part of his decision.
  • He says he loved that baby, he just wouldn’t turn his back on the kid anytime soon.
  • Justine and Connor take Holtz out for burial, but Connor doesn’t want to bury him, in case he turns.
  • So Connor beheads Holtz first, then they burn him.
  • Lilah finds Wesley in a bar.
  • Still offering him a position with the Wolfram & Hart.
  • Gunn and Fred come back and let Angel know about Connor overhearing them and that he ran off to get to Holtz.
  • Connor then walks in and claims that Holtz wasn’t there.
  • Angel doesn’t realize that Holtz is dead, thinking that he left town instead.
  • He gives Connor the letter from Holtz and the kid agrees to give living at the hotel a try.
  • The next day, Connor tells Angel he wants to learn to fight like he does.
  • I kind of feel like Connor wants to learn what Angel knows so he can learn how to take him down.
  • Cordelia goes home and is greeted by a pretty depressed Groo.
  • He’s come to realize that he’s not the one Cordelia loves… Angel is.
  • Lorne stops by Angel’s room to say good-bye and tells him that the feeling is mutual…
  • The way Angel feels about Cordelia, that’s pretty much exactly how she feels about him.
  • Cordelia realizes that Groo is right, so he gets his things and leaves.
  • Angel and the gang take Connor to see an action movie at the drive-in.
  • But they’re interrupted by commandos from Wolfram & Hart.
  • Inside a van, Linwood and Gavin watch Angel and Connor fight the commandos.
  • Angel spots the van and pulls Linwood out.
  • Connor tells Linwood to stay away from his father.
  • When Linwood calls him Stephen, he declares his name to be Connor.
  • Cordelia’s at home, struggling with her feelings.
  • She has a vision of herself, confirming her feelings.
  • So she calls Angel and asks him to meet her.
  • Everyone notices that Angel is happy… but not perfectly happy, right?
  • Wes and Lilah had the sex… and then he kicks her out.
  • She tells him, “Don’t be thinking about me when I’m gone.”
  • He responds, “I wasn’t thinking about you while you were here.”
  • Angel arrives at the place Cordelia mentioned on the phone, but Cordy’s dealing with traffic.
  • And then Cordy does her part-demon glowy thing and time stops.
  • Angel walks back to his car, assuming he’s stood up, and there’s Connor…
  • …Who immediately goes on the offensive.
  • Cordy gets out of her car and is greeted by Skip.
  • Remember him? He’s the demon that granted Cordelia her newfound powers earlier this season.
  • He tells her that she’s outgrown this dimension and she’s become a higher being.
  • Connor uses a taser to knock out Angel, the uses a flashlight to signal Justine, who’s in a boat just off the shore.
  • Cordelia’s words to Skip are the same as what she saw herself saying in her vision.
  • Her real vision was warning her that she was about to leave this world.
  • On the boat, Angel wakes up in a metal box.
  • Connor’s plan is to seal him in and drop him into the ocean.
  • Cordelia accepts her fate and ascends.
  • Angel tells Connor he loves him and descends.
  • Back at the hotel, Fred and Gunn are left wondering where everyone went…
  • Body count: No one died!

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