Nobody in Authority Is Actually Helping

That post title is probably hyperbole. I hope it is, anyway.

But this is where the super polarization that we’re experiencing between political ideologies is completely to our detriment as a society. On the one hand, you have conservative leaders underplaying the coronavirus pandemic, warning that the media is feeding into an unnecessary panic. On the other hand, you have liberal leaders complaining that the current administration in the White House isn’t doing nearly enough to halt or delay the spread of this virus.

So who do we listen to?

Obviously, if you have Democratic leanings, you’re going to go with whatever the guys on the left are saying. If you’re a Republican, then it’s likely Trump can do no harm and the world is, in fact, freaking out over nothing.

But what if it’s somewhere in the middle? What if it’s not as bad as the news wants us to believe? But what if there’s also more that the government could be doing to make sure we’re properly prepared to fight this disease?

A lot of the common sense policies that are being posted all over the place should actually be common sense and should be things that we do all the time, pandemic or no… stop touching your face so much… cover your cough or sneeze… WASH YOUR FREAKIN’ HANDS.

Common sense, right?

Should we really be canceling all the things? I don’t think so. Because that’s how the terrorists win.

Look, this isn’t a post about whether or not we’re doing enough to deal with COVID-19. It’s a post in which I once again complain that our government is broken and the powers that be are far too interested in tearing apart the other side than in working with their fellow elected officials to ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE FOR ONCE.

And, hey, I haven’t had to go to the store this week. I’m pretty good on groceries from my last trip. Not because I panicked and bought more than I needed. Because I purchased my normal supply from my shopping list and I’m making it last. Like I normally do. I’m good on food. I’m good on toilet paper. I’m low on milk, but worst case scenario, I can go without my usual bowl of cereal.

So help me… If I get low on toilet paper and go to the store only to find a bunch of empty shelves because people have ransacked the local Kroger I am going to lose it.

Feature Photo by Dimitri Karastelev on Unsplash


3 thoughts on “Nobody in Authority Is Actually Helping

  1. Why does it feel like the solution is always to throw billions of dollars at a problem? If they had that money just lying around, why couldn’t they use it for other things when there isn’t a pandemic? Makes you wonder.

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