Question of the Week #214

What important decision in your professional life have you based largely upon your intuitive feelings? What about in your personal life?

I would have to say that my most recent career change was entirely intuitive. Because I certainly did not sit down and consider any of the pros or cons to moving not only from one company to another, but from an entire set of expectations to another.

I’m not saying I didn’t put any thought into this move. But it all happened so quickly, it felt like a whirlwind of change and I just didn’t have time to process it all as it was happening. I just went with it. And so far it’s still working out.

Still stressful… but working out.

Personal life? Would my move to my current apartment count as personal life? Sure, let’s go with that. I’d been looking for a place to live for a while, but when I came across the opening in this building, I just went for it. I’d already been doing the math in my head for months about what I could generally afford, so I took what was already in my head and applied.

I mean, it’s possible I’m answering this question all wrong. Because sometimes it’s hard for me to be strictly intuitive. No… most of the time… I’m a logical thinker. I like to consider options and make informed decisions. Intuition is not my instinct.

But what about you? What decisions have you made that were purely intuitive? Let me know in the comments!

*The Question of the Week can be found in The Book of Questions by Gregory Stock, Ph.D.

Feature Photo by Javier Allegue Barros on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Question of the Week #214

  1. I totally make career moves based on intuition. Becoming a nanny? No experience, one in person interview, moved three weeks later. Becoming a teacher at my current school? Applied because I was angry at my nanny job and agreed to a contract without really considering anything LOL but so far it’s working out for me!

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  2. Professionally; I changed jobs and professions all at the same time. I was out for coffee with a friend and out of the blue I half jokingly asked her if they had any job openings at the bank she worked in. It just so happens, they do. She called her office, they were interested, I got the job, and just like that I went from telephone operator to bank teller. It was a very good move for me. I will admit that in the beginning it was a highly stressful change, mostly due to expectations put on me. My deep need for change and knowing I was where I needed to be made it possible to survive until I knew what I was doing in my new job.
    Personally; this involved a major move that I can’t say was intuitive. There were emotions involved in the decision making all right, but they were of a different sort. The intuitive part came in the house search. I looked on line for an example to give the realtor an idea of my likes. She showed me others, just to be sure, but I knew the minute I walked in the door, the first one found on line was the one.
    To be fair, intuitively I knew these moves were right for me but there was Divine involvement too. None of it happened by chance and I’m so grateful I wasn’t making these difficult decisions all alone.
    (Side note – back in the day, making a telephone call was nothing like it is today. You would lift a receiver on a phone in your house, dial 0, give the operator the long distance number you wanted, she would dial it, connect you, time it and send you a bill. In 50 years we’ve gone from cord boards to computerized cell phones. Just for kicks you should google telephone cord boards, an eye opening experience 🙂 )

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