Question of the Week #272

Would you rather be very successful professionally with only a tolerable private life, or have a great private life but an uninspiring professional one? If you feel your private life is more important to you, do your priorities reflect this? If no, why not? I prefer the private life over the professional one. And, yes, … Continue reading Question of the Week #272

Question of the Week #214

What important decision in your professional life have you based largely upon your intuitive feelings? What about in your personal life? I would have to say that my most recent career change was entirely intuitive. Because I certainly did not sit down and consider any of the pros or cons to moving not only from … Continue reading Question of the Week #214

Question of the Week #168

What things are too personal to discuss with others? I'd answer this question, but it seems a little too personal to be sharing on a blog that could potentially be read by anyone in the world. But really... For me, it completely depends on who the "others" are. If they're the handful of close friends … Continue reading Question of the Week #168

Question of the Week #109

Since adolescence, in what three-year period do you feel you experienced the most personal growth and change? Probably 2019-2021... I feel like those are gonna be some really good years. Really, though, I'd say the years I'm in right now. I'm in a great place right now. I'm finally doing something that I feel like … Continue reading Question of the Week #109

Question of the Week #104

Would you be willing to give up sex for five years if you could have wonderfully sensual and erotic dreams any night you wished? Well, it's been almost 37 years. What's another five? Probably helps that I don't yet know what I'm missing... That was easy. And oddly personal. What would you pick? The dream … Continue reading Question of the Week #104


It's human nature to pass blame on to someone else. The Bible shows us that, even from the beginning, man was busy trying to shift blame for his own sin. When God asked Adam if he'd eaten from the only tree He commanded him not to eat from, Adam blamed Eve, and in turn, blamed … Continue reading Blame