Might Be Time For a New Prescription

I know... I just posted yesterday about how I'm turning 40 next month. And now I'm writing a post about my failing vision. I promise, I don't always feel this old. About a week ago, I was driving behind a Jeep that was adorned in several pieces of Virginia Tech memorabilia. One of the decals … Continue reading Might Be Time For a New Prescription


Originally written in October of 2010... He sat alone in his apartment with the lights off and the late night news on. He sat on the sofa in the soft glow on the television as the anchorwoman began reading the story about him. Calvin Locke wasn't the kind of guy who liked to get a … Continue reading Flashback


Where do you see yourself in five years? This is the question that is inevitably asked of every college student at one point or another. Some are asked as rising freshmen. Some are asked as exiting graduates. Many are even asked again once they interview for that job they've been working so hard to get. … Continue reading Vision

Did You Lose Your Glasses?

A little more than a year ago, eyeglasses were not a part of my regular wardrobe. Then I saw an optometrist who let me know my vision was no longer as perfect as it once had been. I used to pride myself on having 20/20 vision. My 30s, it seemed, were catching up to me. … Continue reading Did You Lose Your Glasses?