A to Z Challenge – Mannequin

Mannequin - Poster.jpgMannequin


Directed by Michael Gottlieb

Quick Synopsis… A struggling artist who lands a job as a department store window designer falls in love with a beautiful, realistic-looking mannequin who just so happens to be a reincarnated Egyptian princess.

  • This movie starts with what I’m sure is an entirely accurate depiction of life in ancient Egypt.
  • Emmy (Kim Cattrall) is unsatisfied with her life and prays to the gods that they would save her from her from an arranged marriage and help her find her true love.
  • It’s as good a premise as any, I guess…
  • Suddenly it’s 1987 and we’re in Philadelphia.
  • Jonathan Switcher (Andrew McCarthy) is working in a factory that assembles department store mannequins.
  • He’s oddly obsessed with one that he’s putting together. It’s concerning, really.
  • He gets fired from that job because it took him six days to make one mannequin, when he should be making three or four per day.
  • Then he goes through a string of several jobs that all end in him getting fired.
  • Problem is, he’s one of those guys who sees himself as an artist, so he’s not so much cut out for real world work.
  • Jonathan is dating Roxie, who works for Illustra, a very 80s department store.
  • I say it’s very 80s because of all the neon and shiny silver streamers in the windows.
  • But she dumps him because he can’t hold down a job. I mean, can you blame her?
  • To add to Jonathan’s sadness, it begins to rain and his motorcycle won’t start… so he’s walking the bike home when he passes the Prince & Co. department store window that’s the new home of the mannequin he made.
  • He’s still kind of obsessed… it’s still concerning.
  • But the next day he comes back so he can stare at his life size doll again and winds up saving the life of the store’s owner (Estelle Getty). So she hires him to do whatever he wants to do.
  • While on the job, he manages to find his favorite mannequin and, as he pines over her, he meets Hollywood (Meshach Taylor), Prince & Co.’s window dresser.
  • It’s not long before Jonathan goes from stock boy to assistant window dresser.
  • Oh, and it turns out that Jonathan’s favorite mannequin comes to life when she’s alone with Jonathan.
  • She’s Emmy, the world’s most accurate Egyptian princess.
  • Thanks to the creativity of Jonathan and his imaginary girlfriend, Prince & Co. suddenly become super popular, which becomes a concern for Roxie and her boss at Illustra.
  • They have a guy on the inside at Prince & Co. named Richards (James Spader).
  • Corporate espionage and hilarity ensues…
  • They aren’t sure how, but the Illustra people think that something’s up with Jonathan’s mannequin.
  • When Roxie tries to throw Emmy (in mannequin form) into a trash compactor, Jonathan saves her and she’s able to come to life in front of everyone.
  • And they live happily ever after…

Y’all… this is not what you’d call a great movie. I mean, it has its moments, sure. But… get this… Mannequin was popular enough to get a sequel. Weird time, the 80s. Have you seen this movie? What’d you think? Have you seen Mannequin 2: On the Move? It definitely lacks the believability that this one had…

Tomorrow’s movie begins with an N. No, that’s not your clue. The clue is that it’s a low budget comedy from the early 2000s that has gone on to gain a huge cult following. A lot of people I talk to about this movie are in the same boat as me… hated it the first time they saw it, but find exponentially hilarious with subsequent viewings.


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10 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge – Mannequin

  1. This is one of those movies that was always on cable back in the day and I saw dribs and drabs if it but never watched it all the way through because it was monumentally stupid. I held this against Kim Catrall when she became famous for Sex and the City, which was probably unfair.

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