Some Thoughts After Seeing E.T.

I know what you're thinking... What?! This guy who claims to be obsessed with movies has never seen a beloved classic like E.T?! Calm down. Of course I've seen E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial. But until this past weekend, I'd never seen it on the big screen. Or had I? See... here's the thing... I have … Continue reading Some Thoughts After Seeing E.T.


5 Movie Soundtracks That Shaped My Childhood

Nostalgia... It's hard to know when it will hit or what could trigger it. Whatever the case, it gets us thinking about a simpler time. A time that we're able to look back on fondly and somehow filter out the bad leaving only the positive memories. It's a lens through which we see the past … Continue reading 5 Movie Soundtracks That Shaped My Childhood

The Best Movies from My First Decade

It's been almost a year, but I got this idea back when Dom over at Fairly Professional wrote a post titled, "A Movie For Every Year I've Been Alive." It was a post I thought I'd get around to when I finished going through my personal Top 100 Movies of All Time. But then I … Continue reading The Best Movies from My First Decade

My Gaming History: Atari 2600

Last time I did one of these posts was the first time I did one of these posts. And it was all about the ColecoVision. It was a handy little device that you hooked into your television set that allowed you to play the arcade hit Donkey Kong right in your own living room. This … Continue reading My Gaming History: Atari 2600

My Gaming History: ColecoVision

I've been thinking about this a little lately. I've made claims on here that I'm not much of a gamer and I still feel like that's true. At least, I think it's true today. But I also look back at my life and am fairly certain that I have not been without a home console … Continue reading My Gaming History: ColecoVision

We Are the World

This is actually a post I meant to write a long time ago. Back before I transitioned into one of the work from home masses, I was still driving around with my clients and listening to the radio. At that time, around mid-March, we were still on the cusp of understanding just how serious the … Continue reading We Are the World

A to Z Challenge – Return to Oz

Return to Oz 1985 Directed by Walter Murch Quick synopsis... Dorothy finds that her old friends have been turned to stone and that urban blight has struck the Emerald City. Assisted by new friends, Dorothy battles the wicked Princess Mombi and the evil Nome King to save her friends and restore the beloved Emerald City. Kids, this … Continue reading A to Z Challenge – Return to Oz

A to Z Challenge – The Great Mouse Detective

The Great Mouse Detective 1986 Directed by Ron Clements, Burny Mattinson, Dave Michener, & John Musker Quick synopsis... On the cobblestone streets of 1897 London, some suspicious "mousechief" sets the scene for a thrilling musical adventure. A young mouse named Olivia is on a mission to find why her father disappeared. Seeking help from famed … Continue reading A to Z Challenge – The Great Mouse Detective

A to Z Challenge – Flight of the Navigator

Flight of the Navigator 1986 Directed by Randal Kleiser Quick synopsis... An ordinary boy finds he is destined for a most extraordinary adventure aboard a futuristic spacecraft. After a mystifying disappearance, David Freeman returns possessing vast, undiscovered knowledge about the universe. 12-year-old David Freeman is just a kid who wants to teach his dog how … Continue reading A to Z Challenge – Flight of the Navigator

My Favorite Movies #34 – The Karate Kid

The Karate Kid 1984 Directed by John G. Avildsen Quick synopsis... Hassled by the school bullies, Daniel LaRusso has his share of adolescent woes. Luckily, his apartment building houses a resident martial arts master: Kesuke Miyagi, who agrees to train Daniel -- and ends up teaching him much more than self-defense. I know... I already … Continue reading My Favorite Movies #34 – The Karate Kid