Some of you may have noticed that I took something of a leave of absence from blogging this week. I was still trying to keep up with others’ blogs and comment where I felt I had something to say, but I certainly wasn’t posting any original content on my own page.

Some of you may be thinking, He didn’t blog this week? If you didn’t notice, please don’t say anything. Unless you want to lie in the comments and say, “Oh, how you were missed this week! Whatever did I do without your next favorite movie or Buffy recap or your particular brand of difficult to decipher sarcasm?”

I don’t know what to tell you, kids. I just wasn’t very motivated to write this past week.

It all started last Sunday when I woke up with a migraine. Those are just never fun. The best thing I can say about my habit of getting migraines is that it doesn’t happen very often. I’m not the kind of person they’re talking to on the prescription drug and/or Botox commercials, because I don’t get four or more headaches in a month.

Well, that might not be true. I do get headaches, but they’re not migraines. For me, the migraine begins as a blind spot in my right eye. That blind spot grows and actually gets kind of scary for about 20 minutes before it goes away. And then the pain begins. If I can catch it while I still have the blind spot, I can usually avoid the painful part. I’ll take some ibuprofen and lie down for a bit and all is right with the world.

But when I wake up with a migraine, well… there’s nothing much I can do about that until after the fact. It’s not as if I can be aware of a blind spot in my right eye when I’m sound asleep. And when the pain is already there, it’s all I can do to try and sleep the day away in a sensory deprivation chamber of my own design. By that I mean I get my bedroom as dark and as quiet as possible, take lots of ibuprofen, and sleep as best I can.

Anyway, the migraine kept me from posting anything last Sunday. Also, Sunday is when I typically watch the movie that I post about on Monday. And, I’m sorry, in dealing with a migraine, I just did not feel like dealing with Hannibal Lecter and The Silence of the Lambs. Which meant I had no post for Monday.

By the time Monday rolled around, I just wasn’t feeling it. Any of it. I didn’t want to watch Buffy or Angel to get ready for Tuesday’s post. I didn’t want to come up with the next chapter of my own Life Story. I just didn’t feel like putting any words on the screen.

In spite of the fact that there are already 488 words on this post, I’m still not sure I feel like putting any words on the screen. I may have to move into forcing myself to post things in the next few days, just to get back into the swing of things. Maybe it’s a fake it ’til you make it kind of thing.

If, while I’m faking it with my next few posts, the quality is severely lacking, please continue to lie to me and let me know that you’re super glad that I’m back after a week-long absence and that you’ve been hanging on my every word.

I kid. Affirmation from the community sure is nice, but it’s not gonna make or break me as a blogger. I guess… Anyway, see you tomorrow.

17 thoughts on “Unmotivated

  1. How to say this w/o being weird…sometimes I think we are alike in some areas, and I had laugh (not at you I promise…migranes suck) because I had the flu on Sunday and every since then I haven’t had any motivation to write either. (I was on a 14 day streak of 2 posts a day)..even when it I felt better, I just couldn’t find any funny commentary to offer. I sat down for hour last night trying to get something out but I wasn’t finding it.

    I hope your back to your old self in no time, but no rush…as the ‘cool kids’ say, “You do you!”

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  2. I’m sorry Aaron!!! Always take time to take care of yourself. Now while I was scrolling down to type this comment, I saw you mention “How Stella Got her Groove Back”? Lol I’ve seen the trailer many years ago and I want to see it too.

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    • Okay… confession… I don’t actually want to see How Stella Got Her Groove Back. I feel like I’m 20 years too late and possibly the wrong gender to appropriately appreciate that film. I’m sure it’s wonderful and speaks to a lot of people… I just… I might go watch Back to the Future again. 🙂

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