Has it Really Been 20 Years?

Kids, next weekend is my 20-Year High School Reunion.

That’s right. I graduated from high school way back in 1998. That’s the 20th century, y’all.

Am I really old enough to have a 20-year reunion? Sadly, yes. Being 38, I’m the perfect age for a 20-year reunion. Ugh…

How did this happen? I’d swear I was still in my 20s last week.

But enough about me. This is about going home next weekend and facing memories that rarely surface. High school memories.

I’ve said it before on here and I’m sure, with my aging memory likely on the decline, I’ll say it again: I didn’t much care for high school. I didn’t have a horrible high school experience. It’s not as if I was horribly bullied. No, for me, high school was simply four mediocre years. I had friends, sure. But I’m not sure I would have classified any of my relationships as close friendships. I was an average student, mostly because I didn’t apply myself. I played zero sports and got involved in zero extra-curriculars. Life at Patrick Henry High School was just… meh…

But in the months leading up to this high school reunion, I’ve found myself falling into the trap of looking back with intense nostalgia. I’m actually interested to see people. Do I think it’ll be awkward? Absolutely. Will I revert back into that introverted kid who never wanted to talk to anyone? Revert? I’m still that introverted kid who never wants to talk to anyone. Well… not never. Let’s just say I’m extremely selective.

If I hadn’t been asked to be on the planning committee, honestly, I’m not sure if I’d be going next week. I went to the 10-year reunion. I had a decent time. I got to talk to a few people that I’d actually forgotten graduated with us. One girl that I think I may have had a crush on at some point in my public school career told me I looked really good.

But those days are gone. My hair is grayer. My gut is bigger. I’m still single. I’m not getting any younger, apparently. Do I really want to show my face at this thing? Especially at the family night event that’s happening Friday. Are the alumni with families gonna look at me like… “Who’s the creepy guy hanging out at the park on a Friday night?”

Ugh… So many what ifs… This is worse than anticipating the first day of school. Whatever. This, too, shall pass. Before I know it, I’ll be dreading my 30-year reunion.


4 thoughts on “Has it Really Been 20 Years?

  1. Hope this won’t make you feel old, but I was four when you graduated high school… My fifth year reunion was last year and like no one went. They didn’t do a good job at organizing it, and the other high school in town had a much better reunion. I feel the same way as you do looking back at high school; not bad but just four years of my life. I might go to my ten year one assuming I’m still in the area. But I feel like with social media, I have a rough idea of what everyone’s up to, and the people I want to talk to from high school I still do, so I don’t know if reunions are what they used to be. ANYWAY. Have fun at yours and go with an open mind!

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