Question of the Week #341

Would you rather die peacefully among friends at age 50, or painfully and alone at age 80? Give me the peaceful death at 50, please and thank you. I know it's pessimistic... But this is a crappy world that we live in. And it's not gonna get any better. Sure, there are a lot of … Continue reading Question of the Week #341


You Know How I Know I’m Old?

I'm on daily medication to lower my blood pressure. That's right... It's finally happened. I'm just another guy in his early 40s who has high blood pressure and now has to have a prescription medication to take care of that little issue. Okay, I know that doesn't necessarily serve as an indicator that I'm old. … Continue reading You Know How I Know I’m Old?

Question of the Week #303

If we lived for centuries and even very old people were healthy and youthful, would you rather have a partner who was old enough to be world-wise and experienced, or someone younger and more naïve who was seeing most things for the first time? Why? I think I'd still want to be with someone who … Continue reading Question of the Week #303

So… I’m Doing the Whole30 Again…

Alternatively, this post could have been titled “Of All the Decisions I’ve Ever Made in My Life More Than Once, I Question This the Most” or “Why I Clearly Still Hate Myself and Everything I Stand For.” Some of you may remember that, two years ago, I decided to join in with some friends who … Continue reading So… I’m Doing the Whole30 Again…

Has it Really Been 20 Years?

Kids, next weekend is my 20-Year High School Reunion. That's right. I graduated from high school way back in 1998. That's the 20th century, y'all. Am I really old enough to have a 20-year reunion? Sadly, yes. Being 38, I'm the perfect age for a 20-year reunion. Ugh... How did this happen? I'd swear I … Continue reading Has it Really Been 20 Years?

Get Off My Lawn!

Like New Girl's Nick Miller, I'm pretty sure I'm aging into my personality very well. In fact, someday, I'll make a very good cantankerous old man. I suppose, it could be argued, that I already make a very good cantankerous old man. And that's fine. Because you're about to get a dose of what I … Continue reading Get Off My Lawn!

Question of the Week #107

Would you like to have your rate of physical aging slowed by a factor of thirty so as to give you a life expectancy of about 2,000 years? I guess that depends. Is this something that's universal? I mean, does everyone's aging slow down or is it just me? If it's just me, then I … Continue reading Question of the Week #107


Ladies and gentlemen, I'm dying. I know that this news may come as a shock to many of you. It's really sad. I may have as few as 50 or 60 years left. The truth is, I suffer from a degenerative condition that so many people deal with every day. It's called aging. It's a … Continue reading Degenerative

10 Ways to Know I’m Old

If you've been following this blog for even a few days, you know that my birthday was this past Sunday. I continually attempt to trick myself into believing that I'm younger than I actually am. I do this by hanging out with a group of friends who are, on average, 10 years younger than me. … Continue reading 10 Ways to Know I’m Old

Three Nights, Three Parties

Have you ever woken up on Monday morning and thought, What was I thinking? Get your minds out of the gutter. It's all very innocent. But there's such a thing as doing too much sometimes. I woke up early this morning with that What was I thinking? thought rattling around in my sleep deprived brain. … Continue reading Three Nights, Three Parties