It Really Has Been 20 Years…

In the days leading up to my 20-Year High School Reunion, I found myself asking some friends about their own high school experiences. Would they want to relive any of it? Would they do anything different?

Not once did I get a yes. I’m genuinely curious about the statistic on how many people actually enjoyed their high school years. I took a poll on Twitter asking how people thought about high school, with options of: Best 4 Years Ever, Meh…, and Actively Repressing.

I’m not actually that popular on Twitter, so only five people participated in my poll. Four said “Meh…” One said “Actively Repressing.” I feel like the results speak for themselves. It tells me that no one enjoyed high school.

No one.

Then what’s the point of planning and attending high school reunions?

Because a poll on Twitter that only receives participation from five people is probably not an accurate representation of the population at large. And, I think, because nostalgia.

I mentioned in a post last week that I wasn’t 100% looking forward to my reunion. I’m sure that confession isn’t 100% appreciated by the rest of the reunion committee. It’s like I was trying to sabotage the reunion that I helped put together. I wasn’t trying to sabotage anything.

Besides, I was committed. I merely meant that, if I weren’t on the committee, I probably wouldn’t have paid money to go to the thing. Because parties and crowds really aren’t my thing. I could easily blame the introversion in my personality. And maybe that’s a cop out. But I really do find events like that uncomfortable and draining.

However, I have to admit, after experiencing two nights of a 20-Year High School Reunion, I’m glad I went.

No, I wasn’t any less socially awkward than I expected I would be, but I did have more fun than I expected to have. I still wasn’t one to approach individuals to play catch up, but the ones who wanted to catch up with me found me. I can have conversations with the best of them… just as long as I don’t have to initiate or break the ice.

I got to have a few great conversations with people I’ve known almost my entire life, as well as a few that I didn’t even realize graduated in my class. There were a handful of people who I knew would be there that I was looking forward to seeing. And there were several who I knew wouldn’t be there that I really wish could have been.

Looking ahead, if there’s a reunion that marks 25 or 30 years, I’m pretty sure I’ll go. In fact, after last night, I’d gladly take part in the planning all over again.

That’s the thing about a high school reunion. No matter how stressful it can be to plan or how much I might dread reliving what I perceived as four years that weren’t that great, the good still manages to outweigh the bad.

Here’s to 20 year reunions and all the reunions to come.

Class of 98 - 20 Years Later


4 thoughts on “It Really Has Been 20 Years…

  1. It’s an interesting question to ask. When I was asked that, my immediate response was that I hated every breathe I took in high school. Which isn’t true at all. But it was my gut reaction. I hated my home life and couldn’t separate the two. At my high school, the athletes ruled and I didn’t fit in, in the grand scheme of things. But I had wonderful friends and a boyfriend I thought I’d love forever, lol. I was a theater kid and loved that.
    All that being said, I didn’t want to go to a reunion until my 40th one and then was really happy I did. You obviously feel glad you went. I’m glad you didn’t wait like I did. Nice post, as usual ☺

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  2. I’m so glad you went & had an enjoyable time! I grew up in a small town, real small, and I don’t think I’d want to go back. Everyone in High School that ignored me, or was nice because I was super close with 1 of the it girls, would still ignore me or be awkward today. I can almost guarantee it. Not that you asked – I wouldn’t say that I hated high school, or repress it, but I think that if you aren’t one of the kids in the popular circle, you feel like every single day people are talking negatively about you. At least, that is how I felt. I think it’s really shaped me into the person I am today – always questioning my worth & if my friends really like me. Anyway – off my pity pot! Glad you shared .xo.

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