My Favorite Movies #90 – Super 8

Super 8 - PosterSuper 8


Directed by J. J. Abrams

Netflix says… With a nod toward producer Steven Spielberg’s landmark sci-fi films of the 1970s and ’80s, writer-director J. J. Abrams crafts a supernatural tale about six kids who witness something incredible while shooting a movie with their Super 8 camera.

  • Yeah, sorry it’s been a while since I watched the last of my favorite movies. But this is a pretty good one to get back into it with.
  • Pretty sure this is the movie that convinced me that Elle Fanning was going to be a way better actress than her sister ever was.
  • I feel like it’s fair to ask, without Super 8, would we have Stranger Things? Would we have The Goldbergs? Would we have an It remake that was set in the 80s instead of the 50s?
  • As I sit and watch this movie, I realize that I haven’t actually seen it since I first saw it in the theater.
  • I do remember leaving with a sense of nostalgia, like I remembered why I loved all those old Spielberg movies from the 80s.
  • It’s certainly no E.T., but there are a lot of similarities. These kids aren’t The Goonies, but they’ve got a certain charm to them.
  • I like that they’re careful not to show much of the alien creature until the climax. Again, one of those things they like to attribute to Spielberg thanks to the mechanical shark not working most of the time while he filmed Jaws.
  • It’s great that, at the town hall meeting that addresses all the weird things going on in town, a lady infers that it’s a Russian invasion. At the height of the Cold War, not a bad deduction.
  • But this is the lady that complained that 40 microwaves were taken from her store’s inventory. Because that’s the first thing the Soviets would have done if they’d invaded the U.S.: steal a bunch of microwave ovens.
  • The whole thing really is a love letter to Spielberg and the 1980s. But the story is new (or was in 2011) enough to make it a worthwhile watch.

I’ve said in other posts that I’m trying to get back on a regular blogging schedule. So, if all goes according to plan, next Monday’s post will be #80 – Inception.

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