Rewatching Buffy – Episode 73

buffy-titleWelcome to Rewatching Buffy, the part of the blog where I rewatch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love this show 21 years ago.


  • Buffy and the gang are hanging out in a cemetery, as they often do.
  • Buffy is fighting vampires, as she often does.
  • She dusts one, but a second gets away.
  • When they follow the vampire into a crypt, they find him and a few others feeding on a clearly dead person. At the very least, he’s about to die.
  • They decide a nest is too much for Buffy to handle alone, so they go for help.
  • Obviously, they turn to Jonathan.
  • Need a refresher on who Jonathan is? He’s the kid who went into the bell tower at the high school to commit suicide back when Buffy could hear people’s thoughts.
  • Jonathan gives Buffy pointers on how to fight. He talks to Giles as if they’re intellectual peers. He out hacks Willow on the computer. Something’s not right in Sunnydale.
  • They all attack the vampire nest and Buffy’s able to slay one while Jonathan takes out the other two.
  • As they emerge from the crypt, the paparazzi want to catch a glimpse of Jonathan.
  • Spike also emerges and treats Jonathan as if they’re arch nemeses.
  • Something’s definitely not right in Sunnydale.
  • Willow goes to hang with Tara and they work on a wall collage made up of pictures of Jonathan’s face.
  • Buffy visits Riley and he says he’s feeling better. “I’m not Jonathan…” but he’s feeling better.
  • Jonathan is the most recognizable person in the world.
  • He’s even brought in to consult with the Initiative to help them find Adam.
  • He’s pretty helpful, though. He reveals that Adam’s power source is made up of a Uranium isotope. To stop Adam means you’ve gotta do more than simply behead him.
  • Karen, one of Jonathan’s fans stalkers is outside his house and gets attacked by some sort of demon. She manages to get away.
  • Karen makes her way to The Bronze to find Jonathan to let him know about the demon. She describes a symbol on its forehead. It’s a symbol that Jonathan recognizes.
  • When Buffy offers to patrol to take care of it, he insists on dealing with it himself.
  • Adam and a henchvampire see Jonathan on TV. Adam understands that everything about Jonathan is a lie. Everyone other than him is under Jonathan’s spell.
  • As Tara is walking to her dorm, she’s attacked by the same demon that attacked Karen. The one that Jonathan was supposed to take care of. Liar.
  • The next morning, Tara lets Buffy know about the attack. Buffy’s figuring out that Jonathan is lying.
  • She visits Anya and talks about her days as a vengeance demon. In theory, one could wish the entire world to be different. As we saw with Cordelia’s wish back when we first met Anya.
  • Buffy tries to convince the gang that something’s up with Jonathan. And then he walks in.
  • He admits that he has a past with the creature, but that’s not the whole truth.
  • Buffy insists that they go after it together.
  • Willow finds the mark in a book and realizes that Jonathan did an augmentation spell, augmenting himself and the way the world sees him.
  • If Buffy and Jonathan kill the creature, Jonathan will revert to whatever he was before the spell.
  • In the end, Jonathan does the right thing and encourages Buffy to take out the creature. And then Jonathan winds up delivering the killing blow.
  • The world changes back to normal.
  • Buffy spots Jonathan on campus and they have a talk. He apologizes and Buffy tries to explain you can’t just magic your way into popularity. Having friends and the life you want takes work.
  • Body count: Vampires – 4; Magic Spell Monster – 1

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