I know… that’s not even a word!

In the last couple days, I’ve seen this phenomenon plastered on social media. I’m not sure if it’s hit everyone’s Twitter and Facebook feeds or if it’s just mine. There’s a real chance it’s just mine and it simply means that social media has discovered my condiments of choice.

MayochupAnywho… The Heniz Company has begun marketing a mayonnaise and ketchup mixture that they’ve dubbed “mayochup.”

I’m all for it. Because this is the kid who used to actively mix mayo and ketchup together for a pretty decent dipping sauce for chicken nuggets. Or french fries. Or just about anything dippable. I’m known to enjoy both mayonnaise and ketchup on my burgers, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, etc.

I can’t actually think of what would fit in that etc. part.

So I think mixing the two is a brilliant idea. It’s actually one of those things that makes me wonder why we haven’t come up with this before. Yeah, I know… Thousand Island dressing is a thing that’s pretty much mayo and ketchup mixed together. But it also has pickle relish. Therefore, it’s just not the same.

But, Heinz… come on. “Mayochup?” We couldn’t come up with a better name than that? When Hellman’s decided to mix mayo and dijon mustard, they put the mustard first: Dijonnaise. It blends into the word mayonnaise much better from the beginning. So why not “Kayonnaise?”

Yeah, it’s only the K from ketchup. But you can shorten it to Kayo. And then you’ve got a great ad campaign… You get Mike Tyson to get on TV and say something like, “Heinz’s new Kayonnaise is packed with so much flavor, it’s a K.O.!”

Give me a call, Heinz. We’ll make millions!

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