Rewatching Angel – Episode 11

Angel - TitleWelcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.


  • In a dark alley, a girl is being chased by a vampire. He uses a weird looking metal fingernail to carve a cross in her cheek before feeding.
  • Angel wakes up from a dream about it, in which he’s the vampire that did the feeding.
  • Detective Kate is on the case. She sees the cross carved in the girl’s cheek and says, “It’s the same guy.”
  • Guess she’s investigating a serial killer.
  • Wesley spots something concerning in the newspaper, but he’s mum about what it is.
  • Angel seems grumpy, but he takes a license plate number on a runaway case to Kate.
  • Over her shoulder, he recognizes the cross carved into a cheek from crime scene photos.
  • Angel feels that the crosses on the victims’ cheeks are about mocking God.
  • Wesley comes back to the office while Angel is gone. He lets Cordelia know that the article in the paper looks like the handiwork of Angelus.
  • Cordelia throws Wesley out.
  • Angel comes back and tells Cordelia that Wesley is right.
  • He has no memory of killing anyone. But he reveals he’s been having dreams.
  • Angel has them chain him to his bed. And they wait and watch.
  • In a flashback, Angelus carves a cross in a cheek and kills a girl.
  • When Cordelia comes back the next day, Angel is still chained down. She reveals there’s been another murder.
  • He still takes responsibility.
  • Back in the flashback, it wasn’t Angelus. He was training another vampire to kill.
  • It’s a young Jeremy Renner.
  • Back in the present, Jeremy Renner is making a scrapbook on his wall of all his kills.
  • Angel trained him well.
  • He wants to warn Kate about what kind of killer she’s dealing with.
  • He brings her a drawing of Jeremy Renner. He knows the killer’s pattern and knows the type of victim he’ll strike at next.
  • The police attempt to bust the vampire as he’s feeding on the next victim. But he gets away.
  • They think they have him trapped in a building, so Kate goes in after him.
  • Angel and Wesley arrive and Angel goes in, too.
  • When Kate comes across the killer, she warns him not to move or she’ll shoot.
  • So he keeps moving. Because he’s not afraid of her bullets.
  • Angel busts in and stops him from killing Kate.
  • The killer thinks that Angel is still Angelus, until he vamps out and lets him know that he’s there to stop him from killing anymore.
  • Kate witnesses Angel’s face change. In the fight, the killer gets away.
  • Leaving Kate with Angel… and lots of questions.
  • Angel has revealed that he’s a vampire and he tells Kate the ways she needs to stop this killer. She refuses to fully believe him.
  • The killer shows up at Angel’s office. He gets Cordelia to give him the detective’s name.
  • She figures out who he is and opens the blinds before he can kill her.
  • Angel comes upstairs and is separated from the killer by a bright beam of sunlight.
  • Nice little standoff until Wes walks in. He throws Wes at Angel and makes his getaway.
  • Angel goes to Kate’s place. She’s done her homework. She believes him now and she knows about his past as Angelus.
  • She knows how to stop this killer and tells Angel to stay away or she’ll drive a stake through his heart, too.
  • Have I missed his name to this point? Angel calls him Penn.
  • They figure out where he’s living and break in. They then figure out what he’s planning. He’s going to slaughter a bus full of children.
  • But it’s a trick. Penn shows up at the precinct. He doesn’t kill anyone but he takes out a bunch of cops to get to Kate.
  • Angel tracks Penn and Kate into the sewer.
  • Penn claims he’s not going to kill Kate. He wants Angel to do it.
  • Penn and Angel fight again.
  • As Penn holds Angel in a hold, Kate runs them both through with a wooden plank.
  • She misses Angel’s heart, but gets Penn’s. Angel thinks she missed, but she lets him know that she missed on purpose.
  • Body count: Humans – 2; Vampires – 1

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