Why We Now Hate Best Buy & Nintendo

Monday morning, I woke up and watched the news, as I do most mornings. While watching the local newscast, I was excited to hear their announcement that Best Buy would have Nintendo’s NES Classic in stock. This was exciting because, when I first heard about this Nintendo product several months ago, I really wanted one.

I’m sure it’s mostly the nostalgia of the thing. I mean, it’s a tiny version of the original Nintendo Entertainment System with 30 classic games loaded onto it. Awesome, right?

I checked the Best Buy hours and saw they opened at 10:00 a.m. So I waited. But I didn’t wait too long. I wanted to get there with time to spare, in case I wasn’t the only one with that idea. I got there and stood in line for about 20 minutes before they opened.

10:00 rolled around and I hastily walked into the store. Only to discover that, due to the limited supply, they had given out tickets to customers at 8:30 a.m. WHAT?!

First of all, Best Buy, when did you make it known to the average consumer that you would be making these tickets available an hour and a half before your posted hours of operation? I saw a news report at around 6:30 a.m. And that was just a quick mention that the NES Classic would be available briefly, before also mentioning that the product has been discontinued.

If I had known that Best Buy was doing this ticket thing at 8:30, I would have ignored the 10:00 opening time that I found on their website. I also wouldn’t have wasted time driving to the store and standing outside in the cold rain for 20 minutes waiting for the doors to open.

I don’t often feel the desire to purchase high demand products like this NES Classic. But, just in case something like this comes along in the future and I deeply desire to get whatever that high demand thing is, I’d like to know if I’ll actually be able to get one if I follow Best Buy’s secret rules for buying their products.

Actually, I think my plan will be to go somewhere else. In my adult life, whenever I’ve needed electronics (TVs, computers, video game systems), Best Buy has been my go to. I’m sure it won’t bother their corporation in the slightest if they find out that I no longer plan to darken their door or give them my business. But that’s my plan from here on out. Amazon looks really good right now.

And I would be remiss if I failed to spew some of my angry bile in the direction of the people behind Nintendo. You released a limited supply of NES Classics toward the end of 2016. From what I understand, you didn’t expect people to buy them as quickly as they did. I understand releasing a limited supply to test the waters so that you don’t wind up with thousands of items on the shelf not being sold when no one wants them.

But people want them! What marketing genius saw that they couldn’t keep them in the stores and then decided to discontinue the item?! So, now, if I still desire to get my hands on an NES Classic, I have to turn to the internet. I have to turn to private sellers who will charge me three or four times what the thing is actually worth. Y’all, that’s a move for stupid people.

Nintendo, I loved your games growing up. That’s why I wanted one of these classic devices. But you couldn’t pay me to take home your new Nintendo Switch. I’ve heard how amazing the new Zelda game is, but that’s not enough to sway me. I would, likely, only be remotely tempted if a new Metroid game were to be released, and even then, only if it were capable of recapturing the magic of the original games.

I would say that Nintendo, like Best Buy, has forfeited my business. I’m sure, for both of these companies, it’s no big loss.

Rant over. I probably don’t have time to play old school Super Mario Bros. anyway.


One thought on “Why We Now Hate Best Buy & Nintendo

  1. I was on the hunt for the NES Classic in November/December for my aunt in northern VA because they were so hard to find. Someone really messed up the supply/demand algorithm for those things. Also, the new Zelda game is amazing, but I have it for the Wii U; not the Switch. I’ve been playing it almost everyday for the past 3-4 weeks until 2 days ago when I found out my dog chewed through my charging cable for the game pad. :/ Now I’m back in business thanks to GameStop! 🙂


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