Well... I finally did it. The PlayStation 5 was released in North America on November 12, 2020. Since Sony only shipped about 37 units to stores nationwide, it was kind of hard for a lot of folks to get their hands on the next generation video game console. And because there was such high demand … Continue reading PS5



Have you heard the news? If you haven't... it's kind of a big deal. If you want to read about the breakthrough that was just made in achieving nuclear fusion in a lab, here's an NPR article with way more detail than I'll go into in a simple blog post. If you don't want to … Continue reading Fusion

Video Games I’d Like to Play Again for the First Time

I'm not sure when it was that I saw a post like this. It's been sometime in the last few months, I'm certain of that. But I don't know exactly when and I don't know whose blog it was. It was a post where the blogger gave a list of 10 video games that they … Continue reading Video Games I’d Like to Play Again for the First Time

Another Shameless Plug…

Remember how I've said I've been doing this podcast with my cousin? Well, this post is just about that again. Just another shameless plug in an effort to grow our audience. So, if you're interested... Here are some links to the most recent episodes. Just click on the images to go to those specific episodes. … Continue reading Another Shameless Plug…

An AI Batman Movie

It’s funny that I wrapped up my version of a DC Cinematic Universe yesterday and then was reminded of this thing I saw on Facebook a couple years ago. I wish I knew the real source so I could give credit. But this guy claimed to have forced a bot to watch 1,000 hours of … Continue reading An AI Batman Movie

Ending Phase One of My DC Cinematic Universe

Okay... I feel like I should apologize for stretching this out. That wasn't my intent. But I didn't want these posts to wind up being too long. Because as dull as these theoretical movie plans may be for most folks reading them, it would be even worse if I'd tried to put them all together … Continue reading Ending Phase One of My DC Cinematic Universe

My Version of a DC Cinematic Universe – Part II

Let's try this again, shall we? Phase One Superman For an extremely detailed idea for the kick-off to this DC Cinematic Universe, click back on yesterday's post. Batman: Second Skin Yes, we just got a fantastic Batman movie last year with Matt Reeves' The Batman. Warner Bros. certainly isn't going to want to undercut the … Continue reading My Version of a DC Cinematic Universe – Part II

How I’d Shape a DC Cinematic Universe…

If you missed it the other day, I kind of complained about the state of things with how Warner Bros. have been mishandling their DC Comics properties and the roller coaster ride that has been the DC Extended Universe. It's time to get off this ride because no one is having fun. And I'm not … Continue reading How I’d Shape a DC Cinematic Universe…

Put Me In Charge of the DC Cinematic Universe

Okay, I'm not really demanding that the powers that be at Warner Bros. Discovery put me in charge of their DC properties and the movies that could possibly be made in the next 10 years. I mean... someone should definitely be in charge. They need a Kevin Feige-esque architect that can mold their cinematic universe … Continue reading Put Me In Charge of the DC Cinematic Universe

The One With All the LEGO

Remember that time when I got called into the office and was given a $50 gift card for basically doing my job? If not, you can click here for the memory jog... Anyway, I decided to treat myself with that $50 gift card by buying something I didn't need, but by buying something I wanted. … Continue reading The One With All the LEGO