Why We Now Hate Best Buy & Nintendo

Monday morning, I woke up and watched the news, as I do most mornings. While watching the local newscast, I was excited to hear their announcement that Best Buy would have Nintendo's NES Classic in stock. This was exciting because, when I first heard about this Nintendo product several months ago, I really wanted one. … Continue reading Why We Now Hate Best Buy & Nintendo

The Single Guy and the Conditioner

I have a soft spot for hairdressers. I kind of always have. There was the girl that cut my hair in college. This is the one that I insisted looked exactly like Sarah Michelle Gellar, so I would visit her at the mall and pay nearly twice as much as I could have paid the … Continue reading The Single Guy and the Conditioner

Book Fair

This week, the school is having a book fair. They've got the signs out in front of the school and posters advertising the sale of books in the library plastered throughout the halls. It's got me kind of nostalgic. I know I've said in my About Me section that I love to read, but that … Continue reading Book Fair