I’ve Been Busy

I hate that excuse. Everyone’s busy. And it’s a horrible thing to say when someone asks how you’re doing. “Busy…”

How long has it been since I’ve written something on this blog that wasn’t a Question of the Week, an AFI movie review, or a Buffy related post? No, really… I’m asking.

It feels like it’s been forever.

Thing is, as much as I hate using the “I’ve been busy” excuse, I really have been busy.

But it’s a good kind of busy.

There was a time when I would complain about being busy because it was the kind of busy that was draining the life out of me and causing me nothing but misery. And that’s because my busyness was being caused by a job that I had grown to resent having.

Now, when I say that I’m busy, it’s a genuine non-complaint. Because I love what I’m doing with my life now. I love my job and I love the people with whom I work. When I say I’m busy, I’m busy doing something I enjoy.

So in spite of the fact that I haven’t found (or made) time to write more original posts for the blog, it’s because I’m finding creative outlets elsewhere. For example, last week I was working on writing and editing articles for a magazine that my church will be putting out in time for Easter. I’ve been helping prepare for upcoming events by writing articles and blog posts for the church website. I even got to participate in making a video to promote our upcoming Easter Egg Hunt. I’ll embed that at the bottom of the post so you can get a kick out of it if you’re feeling so inclined and have an extra threeish minutes.

I want to promise that I’ll be more diligent about writing and posting something new each day. But I’m not gonna do that. I’ve managed to keep up with the Questions, AFI, and Buffy posts because, well, those things basically write themselves. Although, finding time to watch three episodes of Buffy this week was kind of a hassle.

Remind me to write a post about how I’m over television. I kind of feel like I’ve been stewing on those thoughts for a while.

Anyway, I hope I didn’t lose any of you, my readers and blogging friends. Stick around. Spring is here and I have a feeling life is about to get a lot more interesting.

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