Question of the Week #101

An eccentric millionaire offers to donate a large sum to charity if you will step–completely naked–from a car onto a busy downtown street, walk four blocks, and climb back into the car. Knowing that there would be no danger of physical abuse, would you do it?

If I have learned anything from my puritanical upbringing, it’s that the naked human form is shameful and disgusting.

Okay, I don’t actually think that. But I still wouldn’t do it. And believe me, most of the viewing public would be grateful that I made that decision.

Besides, there are too many unexplained variables here. How large is a “large sum”? What charity is this eccentric millionaire willing to give to? What time of day is it? What city’s downtown area are we talking about? How long are those city blocks? I mean, a block in New York City compared to a block in Blacksburg are two completely different things.

Would you do it?

*The Question of the Week can be found in The Book of Questions by Gregory Stock, Ph.D.

3 thoughts on “Question of the Week #101

  1. Absolutely not. But if it were to save the life of one of my own children or grandchildren? In a heartbeat. But for a charity that might be saving someone else’s child or grandchild? It’s too many degrees removed from me to take off my clothes and walk naked. Which is actually sad that I’m willing to do for my own but not for others. Plus the factors are too iffy.

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  2. I’d do it. Why not? I have learned that Americans are too uncomfortable in their skin. Once, while visiting Germany, I took advantage of a German Spa/Sauna. After paying, you go down to the locker room, remove all clothing, and step out into an atrium with different sauna rooms off the main room. Men, women, children, 13 years of age up to 70+, all start naked walking around, enjoying the benefits of the different dry and wet saunas, salt water pool, and foot baths. I was extremely uncomfortable at first, but it became second nature after a while, and I truly enjoyed the experience. Skin is skin.
    Walking 4 blocks for a “substantial” monetary award? Cake!

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