Mary Tyler Moore

I realize I’m a few days late on a tribute to Mary Tyler Moore. But, here it is.

Honestly, I hadn’t really planned to write anything in regards to her passing. That’s no reflection on how I felt about Mary Tyler Moore or her life or her career or hearing the news of her death. I just don’t generally write memorials for people I didn’t know personally.

But today, I’m moved to do so because as I write this, I’m watching a marathon of The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

mary-tyler-mooreWhen I was a kid, probably somewhere around those preteen years, Mary Tyler Moore took up an hour of my night Monday through Friday. That’s about the time that Nick at Nite would show episodes of The Mary Tyler Moore Show from 10 to 11pm. It’s possible that was too late for me to stay up at that age. And it’s possible that I’m only remembering summer nights when I didn’t have to get up for school the next day. But I do remember watching the show quite often.

I loved singing the theme song. There are times I even get it stuck in my head without having heard it for years. If you know it, there’s a good chance it’s stuck in your head now, too. Go ahead, let it out… You’re gonna make it after all…

This retro TV channel I’m watching is showing classic episodes of the show. I have found myself laughing out loud more times that I can count. Especially during the episode that’s on now. It’s the one where Chuckles the Clown dies. Classic.

Seriously, y’all. I’m laughing at this thing like I would laugh watching the best episodes of Friends. If you’ve never taken time to watch The Mary Tyler Moore Show, you’ll be doing yourself a favor to do so.


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