Questions of the Week #68 & 69

LateWell kids, I was out of town last weekend and did not have a chance to post the Question of the Week on Saturday. I also did not take the opportunity to post it a day late on Sunday, which I typically do when I’m unable to get it out on the regular day. Since I am a week behind, I give you two Questions of the Week. I know, you’re so excited you just don’t know what to do with yourselves.

When has your life dramatically changed as the result of some seemingly random external influence? How much do you feel in control of the course of your life?

I can’t think of anything random changing my life. But that could be that I don’t think anything that happens to us is ever really random. Sure there are times when things that happen will seem random, but I just don’t think there are any accidents. I definitely believe that things happen for a reason. And as far as controlling the course of my life goes, that gets into the issue of predestination versus free will. I’m definitely a fan of free will. I don’t like to think that the decisions I make don’t matter. Then again, I believe in a sovereign God who knows the outcome of every decision that we’ll make. So I guess, somehow, I believe that we fall somewhere in the middle of that argument. I don’t think it’s one or the other.

If a friend were almost always late, would you resent it or simply allow for it? Can you be counted on to be on time?

What an appropriate question, seeing as how I’m late with the question from last week. I prefer to be on time, thus I would prefer other people to be on time. But for the most part, it’s not something I would resent if my friends were continually late. I’d probably get a little miffed if someone decided to show up late to the movies and we missed the previews. I love the previews. To miss all those trailers for upcoming movies just makes the price of admission almost not worth it. And I believe, for the most part, I can be counted on to be on time. Actually, I’d say I can be counted on to be early. There are days when I’m late to work due to uncontrollable traffic, but other than that, I average about 10 minutes early to most things. It’s almost a disease.

*The Question of the Week can be found in The Book of Questions by Gregory Stock, Ph.D.


One thought on “Questions of the Week #68 & 69

  1. Control over my life: I feel I have very little. Sure, I can make choices, but the outcome is often not as I expect. Still, I don’t feel like I am drifting in outer space- I feel that I am in the hands of a God that uses my choices, right or wrong, to the purpose He ultimately has for me. Kind of like one of those choose your own adventure books- there are multiple ways to get to the same ending.

    Before having a kid, I could pretty much always be counted on to be on time. In 4 years, I was late for work once, and that was over a confusion of shift assignments. Since having a kid, I can’t boast of being as reliable, but I’ve also learned not to sweat as much of the small stuff. If I’m meeting a friend that is perpetually late, I’m not going to bust my tail trying to be on time though. However, if I have a friend that is consistently late, I may give a fake time earlier than I want to meet. That’s actually worked brilliantly well for several friends who are late by the same time increment. 🙂


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