Question of the Week #64

You and the person you love deeply are placed in separate rooms with a button next to each of you. You know that you will both be killed unless one of you presses your button before 60 minutes pass; furthermore, the first to press the button will save the other person, but will immediately be killed. What do you think you would do?

Can we see each other? Can we speak to each other? I know we’re in separate rooms, but is there a real wall or is it a window that’s separating us? Either way I’m pretty sure I’d press the button. If she’s someone that I really love, then I would easily sacrifice my life for hers. It’d be nice if there was a way to speak to one another, kind of like the scene in The Dark Knight, just before Harvey became Two-Face. Then we’d get a chance to say all those things that we’ve been holding back. But that should be a lesson. Don’t hold back. Say what you mean right away, you may not get another chance.Joker - Can't Rely On Anyone

*The Question of the Week can be found in The Book of Questions by Gregory Stock, Ph.D.

One thought on “Question of the Week #64

  1. This is something I’ve contemplated far too much to be considered normal. On the one hand, I’d like to think that I would push the button immediately to save the other person from death.

    However, knowing how much I love this person, I would assume the same kind of love in return. Given that, I might not push the button, at least not right away, because I believe it would be harder on me to live without the one I love than to simply die. With that thinking, I wouldn’t want that person to suffer the loss of someone they love as much as me, so I would consider not pressing the button to keep them from that kind of suffering.

    I might get mentally lost in trying to figure out how this whole thing was set in motion though… Could I MacGyver my way out of it? Is there a loophole somewhere that I haven’t thought about yet? Can the evil people that made this situation come to pass really be trusted to play by these rules? Is it all a headgame? Perhaps it is all some elaborate Game for my birthday…

    And that is how you way overthink a question.

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