The Best Movies from My Third Decade

I mentioned yesterday that I would be traveling today. I think I mentioned it... If I didn't, I spent most of the day today driving home from a week of much needed vacation. Now that I'm home, I find that I really don't have time to watch this week's movie as planned. So I figured … Continue reading The Best Movies from My Third Decade

My Favorite Movies #11 – The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight 2008 Directed by Christopher Nolan Quick synopsis... In this sequel to Batman Begins, the caped crusader teams with Lt. James Gordon and District Attorney Harvey Dent to continue dismantling Gotham City's criminal organizations. But a new villain known as the Joker threatens to undo their good work. And here... we... go...A gang … Continue reading My Favorite Movies #11 – The Dark Knight

10 Movies I’m Anticipating in 2017

I love movies. And I've taken time to look ahead at the year to come. There are a lot of movies coming out that I'm going to want to see when they hit theaters. However, I'm not made of money. So there's a good chance I'll miss a good bit of them until they hit … Continue reading 10 Movies I’m Anticipating in 2017

Question of the Week #64

You and the person you love deeply are placed in separate rooms with a button next to each of you. You know that you will both be killed unless one of you presses your button before 60 minutes pass; furthermore, the first to press the button will save the other person, but will immediately be … Continue reading Question of the Week #64